will gaming pcs survive through new cloud technology

Will Gaming PCs Survive Through New Cloud Technology?

If you are any type of gaming aficionado, then you know the gaming world has undergone many changes to bring bigger and better types of games to the PC market. Games have increased graphics, interactivity and fast gameplay to rival their predecessors. Computer companies strive to keep computer technology in pace with the world of gaming, introducing power PCs that have microprocessors designed to handle the demands of interactive media by processing computer commands and instructions faster.

PC gaming requires adequate hardware for games to run effectively and efficiently. While computer companies have built power PCs to accommodate gaming requirements, there is a new technology that is entering the scene that could change the gaming landscape: cloud computing.

How Cloud Computing Is Changing The Gaming World

Cloud computing is an Internet platform where web hosting sites store data, information, software applications and other resources directly on the Web. People who use computers and mobile devices can access this information and data without downloading it onto their computers and devices. This technology has brought great advantages to the computing world, allowing people to access their data or backup computer data without using up their memory or hardware resources.

The gaming industry isn’t alone in its shift toward cloud computing. Web hosting sites are beginning to cater to cloud computing due to the fact that it doesn’t need a computer to meet hardware requirements. Web hosting services at Yahoo.com, for example, offers its service in a cloud, mitigating hardware-related problems.  According to The Next Web, game applications can run directly off the cloud, as gamers play the applications on any type of computer, television and mobile device — including smartphones and tablets — that have Internet access. Such computing platforms are ideal for games that can use up a large amount of megabytes or gigabytes to play, according to Venture Beat.

How Game Companies Are Responding To This New Platform

So, does this new computing platform mean that PC gaming has become the big lumbering dinosaur that will disappear in the not-too-distant future? Perhaps not. While some companies are adopting the cloud computing platform and designing games that can be strictly streamed to online devices through this new technology, not every game company is jumping on this bandwagon.

Several game companies are focused on the quality of the games rather than the distribution side in reaching the most game users, according to Computer and Video Games.com. To these companies, cloud computing only holds a passing interest as they will wait and see what becomes of this new technology. Currently, they have more confidence in the growing technology of power PCs and how faster processors can bring interactive and graphic-enhanced worlds to gamers.

Power PCs Are In It For The Long Haul

Power PCs now have an unexpected competitor in their midst: cloud computing. It’s still too early to tell who will come out as the winner and who will fade away, but many companies have invested their time and resources into both power PCs and cloud computing, following every marketing avenue in an effort to attract users.

Power PCs are still a big industry. They will still be required for other media outlets such as playing DVDS and music. So, if one day, power PCs lose in the gaming world to the new innovations of cloud computing, they can still survive in other media arenas as long as companies continue to invest the time and technology to keep the PCs up-to-date and bring about new inventions that will benefit Power PCs. Gamers and computer users around the world must wait and see what happens.