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Top 15 Project Management Plugins for WordPress

Running a business successfully requires great coordination among the people within the system. Good communication and organized management are the keys to success. So, how do you want to develop your project management system? The simplest suggestion we can offer you is using WordPress for project management.

As of now, you can use different plugins to convert WordPress site as a project management platform. However, it is often difficult to select the “ideal plugin” that can match your expectation.

How to select Project Management Plugins for WordPress?

The list could be longer when you are searching plugins for WordPress site. Hence, while selecting project management plugin you first need to clarify what will be the purpose of your project management system. You may also need to consider the outcome of integrating a project management plugin in your WordPress site. Here is a list of questions that may help you to select the plugin for project management task.

  1. Do you want client access in the project or something on the back-end for team members?
  2. Do you wish to accommodate contractors along with the personal or integrated team?
  3. List of parameters you need to indicate the progress
  4. Do you want the time tracking ability?

While answering the aforesaid questions you will be able to decide which features you want and which you don’t want in a plugin. We can assure you that the plugin list for WordPress is long enough to meet your expectations.

Here is the list of top 15 WordPress plugins that are popularly used and highly recommended by the WordPress support service providers.

WP Project Manager Freemium

This plugin tops on our list because of easy access and unique features. WP Project Manager comes in both free (limited features) and premium version (extensive features). You can create and assign projects as well as send messages to the teammates. With this plugin, setting milestones and to-do-list is now easier than ever. Besides, you will have the opportunity of using several add-ons like Gantt Chart, Kanban Board, Time Tracker, Sub Task, Invoice, WooCommerce Integration and BuddyPress Integration.

Design Approval System Free

This amazing plugin is one of its kinds. Clients, projects, and designs are displayed on one page. You can log in and review the designs. You will have the power to display company logo, project start, and date, your personal notes, designer notes and edit confirmation mail. On the other hand, the client can approve the design, view designer’s note checks all the parameters in design that requested by them and view the project starting and closing date. This is a great project management platform made for the artists to communicate with their clients.

CQPIM WordPress Project Management Premium

This premium plugin was first developed by a web agency in terms of matching the demands of the clients. This excellent project management plugin can instantly give your dashboard an industry-grade project management system. It comes with stacks of good features including client to team member conversion tool, role base control on the system, well-decorated administration panel, Ajex powered function transitions, PayPal and Stripe payment and contract signing feature. However, you can use several extensions for more advanced features.

Orbis Free

This free project management plugin can transform the WordPress environment into industrial-standard project management system. Orbis is noted for its customer relation management, basic project management as well as internet functionalities. This plugin is easily extendable with the integration of other plugins, easy to translate, fully manageable, and goes with different high-quality themes. In addition, Orbis is built on WordPress and offers own hosting environment. The core features may include project management, team management, manage companies, and complete control over pages, posts, and comments.

WordPress Project Management by UpStream Freemium

This useful plugin comes as free as well as premium version. It allows you to manage any type of project from your WordPress site. The front-end project view offers a fair idea of progress of the project to the clients. The project features may include uploading file and documents, milestone setting, bug tracker, automatic tracking, project discussion threat, and custom fields. While using WordPress Project Management by UPStream, you will be eligible to add extensions for features like project timeline, fronted edit, Email notifications, and customizer.

SP Project and Document Manager Freemium

While it comes to project management, we just cannot overlook SP Project and Document Manager. This plugin shows how easy it is to build better communication with the teammates and the clients. It assures that the clients should have complete control over data processing. It is easy to integrate with WordPress multi-site. The community version comes with lots of features, which may include SSL Support, easy upload, and management of files, secured documents, linking with the files and import local files. You can easily embed YouTube or other media as a file.

Kanban Boards for WordPress Freemium

Kanban Boards for WordPress comes as free as well as in premium version. It is popularly known for agile project management. However, it is also used for customer relationship management. The important features of this plugin are customizing board and assigning a task to an individual teammate, custom views through different filters, data saved separately from WordPress data (better security) and it works on mobile. You can use several add-ons like task comments, multiple boards, notifications and task colours. It is similar to Trello.

CollabPress Free

Very few project management plugins come free and CollabPress is one of them. This is a simple and easy-to-use plugin, which offers unlimited projects, task lists and comments. You can easily edit/delete projects, comments, and task lists with this project management system. BiddyPress group integration is a cool feature that helps in increasing communication between the team members.

Project Panorama Premium

This premium plugin comes in two different packages, such as $50 (for individual sites) and $75 (for unlimited sites). Project Panorama has an exclusive feature of communicating with the users “visually.” It automatically calculates the project status and offers a graphical representation. This plugin automatically sends project update to the related people via email. In order to avoid setting up steps Panorama clones the project templates.

Document Management System Free

This particular plugin was first developed for a law office. It is a type of digital filing cabinet. The documents could be saved, shared or downloaded by the group members. Localization is supported. The security of document management system is tighter than it seems to be. Every member needs to be login first to access any documents. Documents could be transported to the media library. This task management tool is important when you are intended to share “specific knowledge” with the teammates.

WordPress Task Management Premium

This premium plugin mainly works at the back-end of WordPress. It is an easy to use as well as a simple integrated plugin. All of the features that require managing a project neatly is present within the plugin. The team members of the project can track task related activities by using this plugin. Moreover, this plugin is fast enough to make a good impression. 

WordPress Bug Issue Tracking and Project Management Plugin Freemium

This plugin has extensive custom reporting capabilities as well as built-in features. Both free and premium versions are available of this plugin. It offers a built-in role set up where admin can access all, editor contributes as project manager, author contributes as team member and contributor considers as the client. It helps to develop a better coordination among the team members. Besides, you can add various extensions to add more features.

WP-Client Pro Premium

The WP-Client Pro could be best described as a complete WordPress Client Portal Solution. This premium plugin allows the administrator to create new client areas. Secure file uploads and downloads along with secure payment process made it one of its kinds. It allows customers to register themselves as well as import the existing customers. So far, it is available in four packages, such as Basic ($59), Plus ($119), Developer ($199) and White Label ($349).

Project Manager by TPC Free

This plugin is a sibling of WP Project Manager. Hence, Project Manager by TPC shares a lot of similar features to the WP Project Manager. Mostly, they have similar projects, lists, milestones, messages, to-do list, and files. As it is available in free version, most of WordPress service providers upvote for this plugin. The main features of Project Manager may include responsive UI, privacy security, and email notifications. 

TaskBreaker-Group Project Management Free

This free is integrated with BuddyPress. Hence, if BuddyPress is not installed, you are unable to use this plugin. You can use this plugin to assign tasks to individual members and communicate with them. You will have the privilege to set the priority of the tasks, such as normal, high and critical. Besides file attachments and sending, emails are two promising features comes with this plugin.

Thought Summary

Most of the projects fail because of lack of organization and communication power. Now, you can easily convert your WordPress site into such project management board or create a back-end board for better communication. We have introduced 15 plugins (both free and premium) that could be integrated into WordPress to serve the purpose. Remember, being organized is being on control.