why are designers so unique

Why Are Designers So Unique?

When Artificial Intelligence becomes more prominent, it will be able to take over some of the job roles currently occupied by people.

A study by the University of Oxford in 2013, entitled The Future of Employment identified how likely each of 700 job titles was to be taken over by A.I. The most likely professions included telemarketers – hitting the number one spot – watch repairers and insurance underwriters.

Of the professions least likely to be taken over by A.I., graphic designers and art directors stand proud at 161st and 95th respectively.

Is there something about more creative pursuits that makes them harder to replicate than other skills and professions?

Precision Printing, providers of specialist books printing services, has interviewed five design professionals to find out what makes them tick and how they approach their work. This Masters of Design series shows how unique and individual five designers can be, and how their different approaches and disparate results is something that can’t be replicated…

Meet the Masters of Design

  • A dandypunk

Current artist in residence at Walt Disney Imagineering, designer and creator with the Cirque du Soleil, graduate of Sundance’s New Frontier Story Lab 2014.

  • Timba Smits

Award-winning designer, illustrator, and creative director of Little White Lies and Huck, worked with The New York Times, The Guardian, Dunlop and Ride Snowboards.

  • Ryan McElderry

Senior Graphic Designer at Mediaworks online marketing, working with clients such as House of Fraser, MaxiNutrition and Stagecoach on app design, content marketing, infographics and website design.

  • Radim Malinic

Award-winning art director and graphic designer, head of design company Brand Nu, with clients from Arts Council England and the BBC, working in design, commercial illustration and branding and video.

  • Mike Kus

Specialist in illustration, website design and photography, speaking regularly at design and technology conferences, and working for brands such as Burberry and O2.

Read more below. The original Masters of Design series can be found on the Precision Printing website here.