zoho projects has a clear edge over any other project management tool

Zoho Projects Has a Clear Edge Over Any Other Project Management Tool

Zoho Projects is a tool for online project and task management. It is a web-based tool for project planning which provides a way for small business managers and owners to help them plan, track and manage a project from its very beginning to its end.

What are the benefits of using Zoho projects?

If you are looking for an affordable solution to project management, then Zoho Projects is sure worth considering. It is a service in the form of a software, that is you can simply sign up in no time, without the need to download anything. It is free of cost for one project and the price can go up to about $80 per month for unlimited projects and users.

What features make Zoho Projects so unique?

Zoho brings to you a wide range of tools like Zoho Invoice, Zoho CRM, and much more. You will learn how to connect apps with the Google Apps collaboration of Zoho as you will see the wide range offered here. It is purely logical rather than invasive. You have a collaborated dashboard where you receive overviews of the most recent and latest activities regarding your project.

You can even import your Microsoft project files into this software or use Microsoft for the entire planning process. Zoho can also be collaborated with your email for informal communications.

Zoho has a highly interactive message board that allows you to post a discussion topic and let everyone express their idea. These forum topics are centrally placed and are easily accessible to those involved in the project. You can exchange ideas to make plans and get big ideas. You can get the entire team for a project on one page with ‘intranet’ using built in Wiki and hold discussions.

There is a chat room to get everyone together and make decisions faster. There are reliable Physical Security Practices and Network Security to keep your data secure.

The Zoho Projects Tour:

The Zoho Projects tour is not a boring video or screencast- it has screenshots from the software. This gives you an actual better insight into what is held in store for you in this tool. You can easily and quickly get an overview of that which you are signing up for with this screenshots tour.

Easy to use search tool:

There is a search box that allows you to get access to the top references to a project without having to go to the very project itself. This comes in handy when you are not part of a project but wish to know the key points regarding it.