some of the best essential tools for web designers

Some of the Best Essential Tools for Web Designers

Tools for Web Designers

Web designers help us to create WebPages that will undergo series things like designing, coding, testing and editing.

Creating webpage needs essential tools that should help the designers to create a webpage and there are many designing software like adobe, flash, maya that can be used to design a webpage which will ultimately lead to a website.

In those days web designers used only windows operating system for web designing but now they are using MAC operating system which is getting more popular among the user as well.

1. Graphics Design

Adobe developed more software for web designers to create a better webpage and in that Creative suite is a very popular software for web designing as it helps the creator to create a wonderful webpage.

Flash is software of adobe which is used to create online games, 2D games etc. let us see some of the essential tool that can help in creating a webpage. snagit options is used instead of spraying grab it will capture entire webpage so that we can edit that page or we can add color to that page. We can also share that page in FTP or Flicker.

2. Color Control

Dreamweaver is a type of software that is used to develop website, now a days this software is not being used widely to design website particularly in MAC OS because of the arrival of advance software like textmate, BBE edit, Expresso etc. These are used as coding tools which is the main part of designing a website.

Key board short cut and tab completion will help us to edit the code fast. Edit plus is also used for coding the website, CSS edit application is mainly used in MAC OS because it has the ability to download any webpage style that can be used while designing the website.

3. Testing and trouble shooting

Testing and debugging the codes while designing the website is not possible when we use internet explorer. This can be solved by using Mozilla Firefox browser because it provides add-on options which allows us to add some application (add-ons) which can be used in debugging the codes.

Some debugging tools are Colorzilla for color picker, for onscreen ruler it is measureit, for performance it is analyzer.

4. Things to be done while designing

While creating a website, designing and building are the two parts of the job. There are other things which have to be taken in to account while creating a website such as project management, collaboration and communication.

Many designers are using dropdown box for file backup and synchronization. Ever note application provides a free space of 2GB for storing the file, ever note is also an application which is designed for house notes, clippings, PDF that can be tagged or automatically when we arrange the file.

5. Bit Font Maker

This application tool is an online bitmap font editor that is widely used in operating systems like windows and Mac. By simply using web browser we can create TTF font online by using Bit font. Desired result can be obtained by using the functional tools which will provide higher resolution and to use these applications help contents is very much needed because it is in Japanese.

6. Fontstruct

This tool is used for building up free fonts. It is one of the worlds leading software for creating fonts. Font Struct is used for creating geometrical shapes that can be arranged in a grid pattern like tiles and bricks. We can keep our creation by own or we can share the font style online and also we can download the different styles of font that can be used in our webpage with variation.


Mainly type chart can be used for web topography, once you make a font we can use Get CSS button to obtain the style rules for that font by using this application.


Typetester is an application that is used for comparison of font that can be used in our webpage. This is an online application having its code in XHTML, styled with CSS file having java script for manipulating DOM structures. We cannot work on this application without java script.

9. Font Tester

It is also another font comparison tool which allows you to preview and compare different fonts on side by side with various CSS font style. Using these tool developers can obtain right font, style and color with the help of font tester.

Markup and content tools:

10. Kemplatr

This application is used for creating web templates and it is very simple for user interface which can be used for quick web layouts.


This is a useful website created by Chris coyer. This application provides standard Latin text which is already tagged in HTML. We can click the selected text so that it will be automatically copied to our clipboard.

12. Golden ratio calculator

Using this application we can compare different websites and we can find the golden ratio of websites. This ratio is very much useful for web developers.

13. Dummy Text Generator

Using this application we can create dummy text for our layout. Dummy text can be used as a filter or as a tool which can be used for visual impressions while creating a webpage.


This is used to create HTML text wrap with different shapes that can be created but other than a rectangle. We can also use text wrap to make shapes look like curves and zigzag.

15. Favion Generator

Favion generator is used to create favorite icon for our website. Favion has a small image which measures 16*16 inches in size which can be added to our browser by which we can make our website colorful with different styles of icon.

16. BGPattern

BG pattern is also a web based tool that can be used to generate tiled patterns which can also be edited and also we can resize wide range of patterns.

17. Pixlr

Pixlr is also an image editor which has limited features like photoshop, the user interface is very simple having tools to edit, resize, cut, and copy  can also be done . This application is mainly used for image editing and also it has tools like clone, layer and filter.

18. Kuler Create

This is a web based application created by adobe for sharing the color themes with one another.

Testing layout and structures:

19. CrossBrowserTesting

We can test the cross browser compatibility of the website by using and also we can use different browser and OS because it is platform independent. We can access this application for free but it should not exceed 5 minutes.

20. Browsercam

This application is mainly used for screen capturing services. It provides extensive remote control service to check java script and DHTML. We can use this application in different browser and operating system and even we can use this service in smart phones such as black berry. We can also adjust the screen resolution to any form and also screen capture can be done using the zip files.

21. W3C Link Checker

This application can be used to check whether a website is valid or not. Mark up validation service is also used for checking the website to know whether it is valid or not but it is not platform independent so it can be used in only in some browsers and in some operating system so that it can work.

22. is an application that can be used as a reminder and a task management tool. We can use this application as a reminder so that it can remind us certain things that are specified by the user, through email or sms or as a voice mail send us remind message.

23. Intuit Billing Manager

Using this application we can manage our invoice bills online. We can create a customized and also a professional invoice using this application. We can send the invoice through the mail and also we can track the payment history as well.

24. Zoho Invoice

Zoho is a type of software that can be used to manage invoices online and also it is a user friendly application which allows us to format the invoice and it can be sent through email or through voice mail to the client.

25. Xero

This application is used as an online accounting and advisor application. This software is very simple, smart and also secure. We can also save the invoice in your account and it can be checked frequently. Xero is mainly accounting software that can also be used to feed the data and it can automatically tally the data which is similar to tally software.

26. is mainly used for sharing information privately we can share information to our friends that can be an image, video, audio and documents. User can control the information which is known as drop. application maintain files online safely that no one can hack the file from internet because it provides secure  features that can have many formality that should be filled by an user to retrieve the information. We cannot get files unless you fill certain fields that are to be filled correctly without that no one even the original user cannot get back the file.

This application provides highest rating in the field of online file sharing that is recognized by the users all over the world because it is fast, safe and also secure for transferring files between one another.

27. Upload Roberts

Upload application is mainly a thumb drive that can used to share the files on the internet. These files can be managed easily and also it can be sent to our friends, client and also to our colleagues.

28. Facebook

Facebook is a social networking website which can be used to share information worldwide. We can add profile history that can be sent to the friends and also we can chat, images and videos can also be shared using this site which is similar to orkut. Facebook can be used globally as well.

29. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is an email marketing tool that can be used to send email to the users .This is mainly used for marketing the products across the world and main thing is that it can be merged with social networking website such as facebook, orkut etc . It has client across the world such as cannon, business week and also it can be used in firebox web browser as well.

30. Skype

This application is mainly used for communication and it allows us to make a voice call across the world, even we can call to any landline or to a mobile number and we can talk by using these applications.

Additional features include video conferencing, instant chat and file transfer can. In some countries calling to the landline numbers and mobiles is strictly prohibited due to security reasons.

This application can be widely used across the world because it provides faster transfer of information from one place to another also you get good clarity of voice when compared to other applications.