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The Weird Connection Between Website Templates and Business Intelligence

If you are currently in the process of choosing your website template, or getting a custom site designed by a professional, you need to understand the connection between your design and the information you will get about your customers.

Without being able to track and analyze visitor statistics, your online marketing will resemble shooting in the dark. The more information your website delivers about your customers’ and visitors, the better chance you will have for beating the competition and tailoring your products or services to the needs of your target market.

Below you will read more about how your web design can serve your business analytics purposes, and provide you with invaluable data to use in your business.

Visitor Behavior

There are a lot of details that can come handy when you are trying to find the right market, after launching your website. First, you need to know whether your visitors are on social media, if and where they like hanging out.

If you have a professional website template designed, you can track your visitors, and find out as much as possible about their preferences. You might even get to know when they are active online, or when they are most likely to complete online purchases.

Geo Targeting

If you run a local business, you must know that your visitors are coming from your preferred area. Some software applications you can get from cheap agencies will send you visitors from overseas, which will not improve your bounce rate and conversions.

You must have a website template that allows the installation of plugins that track the location of your visitors and allows you to make adjustments accordingly. While Google Analytics gives you a range of business information to use, you might want to go in more detail.

Landing Page Testing

It is important that you test different versions of your landing page after launching your website. This way, you can find the winning combination of headlines, videos, graphics, and call to actions, and maximize your online revenues.

If your website design allows the implementation of landing page and web element testing, you can take the guesswork out of your design, and choose the right way of capturing visitors and turning them into customers.

Conversion Rates

Your website design should also allow the tracking of your conversion rates, so you know which pages are best for getting new customers. You can look through the elements of each page, and adjust them to increase your conversion.

Tracking your conversions and adding goals can help you achieve your online marketing goals better, and allow you to measure different metrics that you find important in your business.

Most Popular Pages

It is also important to find out which pages are the most popular. Whether you are looking for a new topic to blog about, and want to know what your visitors are interested in, or would like to identify the products that most people are searching for, a good interactive template that delivers this information can help you.

Make sure that you are tailoring your strategy to the information delivered, and track your visitors’ behavior. Pages with a high bounce rate should be eliminated, while those that capture visitors for a long time can be duplicated.

Where Customers Go Next

It is also important to find out where your visitors go next, after they leave your site. They might go back to Google, and click on the next result that comes up, or straight to a competitor’s site.

If you want to keep your visitors’ attention, you must know what their preferences are, and how they make buying decisions. Some of your visitors will leave to check out your site’s reviews on social media, while others will click on your Twitter button to connect with you.

Visitor Identity

As a website owner, you would like to know the true identity of your customers, to avoid fraud, and learn more about them. Unfortunately, the information people are willing to give you is limited to their name and email address, even if you offer them great discounts for signing up for your newsletter.

You can encourage them to interact with you on social media, so you can check out their profile and learn more about their background. Using online chat and support email can also help you learn as much as you can about your visitors’ background and values.

Whether you want to tailor your website content to the needs of your visitors, or increase your conversion rates, you can find great website design tools and software to deliver you essential business intelligence to grow your business.