user interface design trends

Top User Interface Design Trends

User Interface Design Trends

There is always something happening in the design community and each new year brings a new set of user interface design trends. Some of these trends disappear with time and some dominate the design scene for a longer time and change the way people design websites for years to come.

The world of UI design is always evolving and changing therefor it is a challenge for the designers to keep them updated with all the ever changing trends and latest research. You don’t have to worry as in this article I will share with you some of the top user interface design trends that will keep rocking in the current year and beyond.

Video Getting The Attention

There is a popular saying that a picture speaks a thousand words and in the world of Use Interface design, it is the most powerful medium to get the attention of the users. Images have a strong visual appeal hence imagery is an important part of web design and UI and now images have given the way for its next successor ‘Videos’.

The main benefit of Videos is that they are dynamic and users find them more interesting and exciting as compared to conventional images which are static.

Videos are great way of visual storytelling and present message and tone of the voice in an efficient way. Although imagery will stay here for long time but you will also notice soon a great number of full-screen videos becoming more popular. Hence, Video is taking over the design scene and is going to become an even greater trend.

Long Form Content in Trend

As the demand for more written content is increasing, long form content and long scrolls are becoming dominant in User Interface Design world. Web pages or content that extends below the fold bring some implementation challenges for User Interface design but it is becoming immensely popular due to some reasons.

The main reason is that it gives the users enough flexibility to scan through large volumes of content in short time without breaking the flow. Actually through long form content, the users get fast access to the information in a single motion without the need for directing to a new page or facing any kind of interruption.

Long form content is a versatile functionality which also works for search engine optimization and it also works well across other devices. Now more users are becoming interested in this long form content and there is an increased number of scrollable interfaces. This will be one of the major trend in the coming year.

Bold and Beautiful Typography

Typography is very important in a User Interface design. You can understand its importance by this famous statement that Web Design is 95% typography. Therefore a beautiful typography optimizes your UI design and attracts user attention.

The main purpose of typography is to attract the users to content and present the information in such a way that it increases the readability and at the same time maintaining graphic balance. Designers are now evolving more and accepting more bold and beautiful typography which increases the UI appeal and attracts more customers.

Hence now we can say that you can say good bye to the boring and dull typography and welcome the new bold and beautiful typography in the UI design. There are already so many websites which are using beautiful and awesome typography in the UI and can motivate you more and more.

Accept the Usage of Vibrant Colors

Another important trend which is going to dominate this year is the use of more vivid color palettes in the user interface. Earlier years have seen the popularity of flat designs but now you should be ready to see more bright and vivid colors to take over the design community.

Flat design means minimum approach, muted colors and encouragement to keep distractions away. As we can see, Flat design still holds relevance today but slowly it is disappearing.

Now you will see more and more websites will become creative with colors and will experiment more with the bright color palettes to get high user attention.

Clearly usage of bright and bolder colors in the user interface design attracts more users and it also adds overall vibrancy and appeal of the design. In the coming years, we expect to witness a shift from the flat colors to bright and brilliant colors in website UI designing.

Usage of Cards will be more prominent

Cards are on the use for quite some time now and it is not a new trend but we will see cards gaining importance in the design space. Cards are used for presenting a visually appealing large amount of information in a small space in a much organized way.

It enables users to access the information in a glance and make their choice quickly. So many popular social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc are effectively utilizing cards in this way.

Now in this digital age and when we talk about web browsing, mobile devices have surpassed the desktop as a most popular platform. Therefore the difference between mobile and desktop UI is decreasing very fast. In this environment, result cards are getting more popular as they work well on everything from small screen mobile devices to large screen desktops.

Hence, cards as a functional UI option will going to dominate the design community for sure. We give you an example. Take the case of Pinterest which is a trend setter when we talk about card style layout due to which so many websites have become interested in this and have opted its visually appealing and attractive card style layout.

Sound Design

Sound design is one of the latest entry in the list of design trends. Actually sound design is the soft and small sound which we hear on the click of a comment or while selecting a smiley, Whether it is a grumpy smile on a bad day or a grin smile on a good day to express laughter and happiness, sound design makes the whole experience more joyful.

This is a new trend but in the coming years we are expecting it to be more used and it will take the user experience to a new level.


Typography and color can do much to tell a unique story but illustrations on the other hand can tell a whole story on their own. This is an emerging trend and most likely to stay on top in the list of trends. Illustrations are extremely diverse visual element. Illustrations can be simple or sophisticated; serious or playful.

They can also be animated and you can use them in your website UI design to create unique and most fun experiences for your website visitors.


Each year new trends come but only some remain around and others disappear. If you are a designer then it is up to your own judgment to decide which design trends you want to adopt and which you want to leave.

In this article we have made an honest attempt to give you a list of most appealing and most popular UI design trends which can change the way we design earlier. This article can surely motivate you to use these designs trends in the user interface of your website.