top 15 web directory designs

Top 15 Web Directory Designs

Web directories are gaining huge popularity today on the internet and therefore you will find many web directories coming up on the web.

These web directories are not search engines and therefore many of them have better designs that can help them to look unique and also attract more viewers that would like to promote their websites through these directories.

Here we take a quick look at some of the designs that make these directories better.

Here are the top web directory designs:

1. Great Directories

Great Directories

Great has a simple layout and design that looks great and professional. One of the reasons why such designs work for web directories is because people don’t have time to find different options. Great Directories have spread out all their options through various tabs which make it easier for the viewers to know how to proceed further.

2. Directory Journal

Directory Journal

The front page design of Directory Journal itself indicates that the website provides global exposure through the logo of world atlas. Users can then click on the different regions available on the left to proceed further or they can simply click on countries mentioned on the right or sign in and click on Submit Articles. This means that all the options are clearly visible on the front page making it convenient for the users.

3. already knows that if they want to improve their business they need to keep it simple. Hence, the design of the website is very clear and straight to the point. There is no animation or jazzy pictures on the site, instead they have used major part of the front page to display all the features they provide to their users.


This website might not have a great design, but it works simply because it is a simple design that saves time. The website allows users to login quickly and submit their articles which is what the users want on such sites.

5. Aviva Directory

Aviva Directory

Aviva directory website is certainly the newest website on the web, but the simple grey background design works for the users. Many of the users using Aviva would not have to search for categories as they are mentioned right on the front page. The simple design makes it easier for slow connection users to make optimum use of the features in no time.

6. Cue Directory

Cue Directory

If you want to take a quick look at some of the simplest and best designs then watch out for Cue directory website design. There is nothing great in the design but the information has been intelligently divided with different tabs on the top. This makes it easier to browse even for those who have never used any web directory before.

7. CannyLink


This PHPLD driven directory might be the largest web directory you can find on the web but it still has a decent design that looks cool and focuses on simplicity. The use of blue and yellow color looks great to the eyes and all the categories are provided on the front page to cut the chase.

8. Dirdawn


Breaking up the information nicely is something that you can find on Dirdawn. The design of this web directory is very much similar to other sites that has tabs and similar information right below but it works for viewers that need to submit their articles in quick time.

9. Webotopia


The design of Webotopia is not eye appealing at all. It has a simple layout with categories on the front page and few tabs on the upper right side, but it still works out for business people who need to promote their websites through it. The huge advertisement banner in the front ruins the show, but web directories are less bothered about their appearances.

10. iGuides


iGuides have a good design and layout for their website where they have tried to show more information without ruining the appearance. You can find all the features and options on the front page itself but it still does not look cluttered which is a good thing to keep in mind.

11. JoeAnt


JoeAnt covers too many things and therefore they have intelligently designed their front page. The website has all the options in one big frame and clicking on the right option will open up other sub topics. However, the design of the site does not look too professional.

12. Directory Well

Directory Well

DirWell or Directory Well is popular for the traffic that it can bring to your business, but it also has a very professional website design that appeals to most users. The dark and white contrasting colors blend perfectly well. The tabs on the right hand corner contrast with the categories on the left. Overall, DirWell has come up with excellent website design for their users.

13. Alive Directory

Alive Directory

The blue and white tone of the website adds to the simplistic design of the site. Alive is not only good to the eyes but also to your business and therefore you should look out for more options that you can find on Alive Directory.



Looking at the design of DirUSP you don’t get that professional feeling but the website is soon gaining popularity. The color combination is good and the layout is as simple as it can be and that is what works for web directories.

15. Naplesnet


The design of Naplesnet is nothing grand and it focuses on the center part of the screen where most of the information is available. The information is nicely segregated into different blocks which makes it convenient for the users to look at it without wasting too much of time.