tips for building a wordpress site that increases conversions

Tips for Building a WordPress Site That Increases Conversions

If you are an affiliate or ecommerce webmaster then you ll be aware that the right wordpress theme design can be the difference between a profitable site and one that does not generate any leads or conversions.

In this article, I want to go over the major factors to improving your site as conversion rates.

Tips for Increasing your Conversion Rate via Design

I think there a direct and an in-direct way to how your websites design and layout can improve conversions. First of all, we need to think about how your design is optimized to convert first-time visitors who visit your site.

You need to make it really easy for these guys to find the product they are looking for, present the information such price, bonus offers or review ratings, and then create a big CTA for them to buy the product.

On the other hand, you need to build an overall site and theme that attracts users and brings them back to your site. Remember that its not just about converting first-time visitors, its also about establishing your site as a brand and encourage users to come back.

The majority of ecommerce webmasters who read my affiliate blog at regularly point out that one of the most important things for ecommerce sites and affiliates is to collect emails and personal information from visitors.

When you are designing your website, make sure you create enough space above the fold for an email opt-in form that naturally attracts the users attention with a special offer, exclusive weekly discounts if you sign up to the newsletter, or even a free ebook.

Lastly, functionality, category pages and coding is extremely important for helping users find what they are looking for especially for ecommerce sites.

Make sure you provide clear options down the left-hand sidebar (this is where most users will look) for visitors to narrow down their options and find what they are looking for. A Product filters could include colour, price, material, male or female, multiple items, sale items and more.

Be creative and think of things that make your site look professional. If a user is going to buy a product from your site then they need to trust you, your delivery times and your products quality. A well-coded theme evokes this trust. Also make sure you display your accepted payment methods at the bottom or somewhere else on your screen since this will improve trust with the user.

Finally, do your research on the competition, analyze how they convert users and draw up your own designs before hiring a designer. It’s very important that the designer knows what you want before you pay him by the hour, otherwise he could end up costing you money that did not need to be wasted in the first place.