the growth of olx classifieds mobile apps

The Growth of OLX Classifieds Mobile Apps

The Growth of OLX Classifieds Mobile Apps

Online classified sites have been growing all over the world and also across India as it offers better buying and selling experiences to buyers and sellers across the country. OLX has emerged as one of the leading online classified sites that have done well and have received positive response from buyers and sellers across India.

To make things better, OLX has now decided to come up with better options for the consumers that can offer them better buying and selling experience. The new OLX classifieds mobile apps is going to make a lot of difference to the overall usage as buyers and sellers can now buy and sell items directly through their smartphones.

OLX believes that they need to empower buyers and sellers with better features that can allow them to buy and sell online in a better way without any inconvenience. For the last two years, OLX has managed to grow their market across India with better TV ad campaigns and even internet campaigns that have improved the visibility of the brand.

According to the data available with the company, OLX claims that they have seen their web traffic grow 55 times in a period of just 22 months to be exact.

OLX classifieds mobile apps

Today, millions across India make use of OLX platform that allow them to sell and buy their old and new products and make deals easier and simpler. has seen a tremendous growth in the way Indian consumers have switched to the concept of online classifieds that allow them to search for the right products at low price while at the same time allow them to sell their products without any extra charges.

The website has already crossed half a billion page views in July 2013 alone which shows the ratio at which the company is progressing in the Indian market.

However, OLX has now decided to introduce their mobile apps that can allow smartphone users to go ahead and buy and sell items using their smartphones. The company also claims that soon after they introduced their mobile app they have seen the mobile traffic to their website grow compared to the web traffic.

The company said that they understand that more consumers today make use of smartphones and therefore they have introduced mobile apps that make the entire buying and selling process simple.

With the help of the new OLX mobile app, users don’t really have to find a computer or a laptop to buy and sell their products. Sellers who want to use OLX mobile apps can find apps at Google Play Store and OLX Classifieds in Apple Store and download it directly on their smartphones and mobile devices.

Once downloaded, sellers can simply click the picture of the product they want to sell and include a brief summary of all the features, put the estimated price for the product, provide the contact information and post the ad directly through their mobile device.

Sellers can also share their advertisements using Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and email services to improve the visibility of their online classified ads.