template for your healthcare blog

Choosing a Template for Your Healthcare Blog

Tips to Choosing a Template for your Healthcare Blog

Sometimes an RN continues working in the field while studying for a masters degree in nursing and other times a nurse chooses to take a sabbatical from work to continue getting an advanced degree that will not only provide a better income but a higher position at work as well.

With a masters of science in nursing online curriculum, you can spend hours a day studying but as long as you are there, why not set up a blog to make some extra cash to tide you over during your time away from the job? Here are a few thoughts on choosing a template for your healthcare blog, which of course you want to be in that field as that is what you specialize in.

Blogging about Your Studies

One of the ways in which to make your online nursing curriculum a bit more exciting is to blog about aspects of your classes that interest you. You can monetize your site in any way you choose, such as with Google ads or affiliate marketing and any number of other ways but all the while blogging about a subject that interests you and that you can build an authoritative site around.

Remember, the higher you rank, the more hits you get and of course, the more hits you get, the easier it is to get traffic to click through to sites and products you are promoting.

Various Styles of Healthcare Blog

When you begin looking for a template for your healthcare blog, keep in mind how you intend to format your content. Is it going to be a journal or newsy kind of site or are you going to work heavily on videos or images? The type of them you choose should be best suited to the type of content you are going to upload so keep that in mind.

WordPress is probably your best option for your first blog as there is an active community that can help you work your way through issues and many themes and templates are 100% free.

Make Sure Your Template Is Responsive

There is one other thing you might want to understand and that is your best template is going to be responsive. Just consider all the times you have been mobile, back and forth from school or work and you have accessed the Internet from your cell phone or tablet.

The best sites are those that conform to the size and type of screen you are viewing them on and this is what is known as a responsive theme. You wouldn’t want to work on an online master’s degree in nursing curriculum that cut off half the screen and you were unable to see, even with scrolling, all that you need to see, would you?

That’s the beauty of responsive templates and this is one of the most important technological issues you may encounter. Remember, Google will not list your site in mobile searches if you don’t use a responsive theme so carefully choose your template.

WordPress is probably going to be the easiest to work with, so check out free themes, choose one that goes well with your niche and works well with the type of content you want to focus on and you will find your way around blogging. It’s fun. It can be lucrative, and after you get your feet wet, it really isn’t hard to do.