round up of free wordpress themes released by templatescraze march 2014

Round-up of Free WordPress Themes Released by Templates Craze

Here at TemplatesCraze we are working day and night to providing some of the best and highly professional WordPress Themes covering up various niches of blogs/websites.

Our eminent developers not just code the PSD’s; they code according to the need of people. We’ve released 2 new free wordpress themes in previous month, i.e. OrangeClock and ShadowStar.

Let’s take a quick overview about the features of both wordpress themes.



Developed in HTML5/CSS3 OrangeClock theme is fully responsive and a corporate level theme. All theme development guidelines provided by were kept in mind  while designing and developing this theme. Built-in support for awesome jQuery powered portfolio and separate blog section.

The number of columns in portfolio can be increased and decreased using theme-options between 1-5. Same kind of setting is also available for blog to increase columns or hide side-bar. The best thing about this theme is that by joining the features of WordPress and theme-options framework, orangeclock provides all the features a website owner needs in his/her web site.

The entire color scheme of theme can be changed through theme-options page. The entire homepage of orangeclock is changeable, means you can change what-ever you like. There are two different sliders packed in theme for different purposes. Four boxes under slider which by-default shows company news but can be switched to show blog posts.

The client section at right bottom can be replaced with jQuery tabs box which is very helpful to show blog content. The orangeclock theme is developed using gumbyframework and is very easy to customize. Well, there are lots of features enclosed in this theme which is worth a try.



Free WordPress theme which is developed for general blogging needs and all wordpress features are enabled. ShadowStar is developed in gumbyframework and is fully responsive for all media screens. Theme is loaded with advanced theme-options page which full fills all your needs like changing logo or favicon, adjusting logo position and add tracking code.

The slider used in ShadowStar theme is incredibly intelligent, you can choose three different kinds of slides from theme options.

  • 1) Show recent post
  • 2) Show selective posts
  • 3) Custom image and text

You can switch between modes whenever you like and the best part is that all 3 modes have their own database tables so you won’t lose you previous setting of that mode. You can also choose between different slider animation styles too.

The homepage of shadowstar shows ‘Recent Posts’ in floating boxes style which looks pretty great, but if you didn’t want it that way you can switch to regular view of post with just one click from theme-options page. The homepage also allows you to show ‘Most Popular Posts’ which are based on total views of post.

A very advanced custom build post counter have been implemented in this theme which keeps counting the post views by users and arrange the ‘Most Popular Posts’ according to highest viewed post.

Another advanced feature included in this theme (which you might haven’t seen yet) is that a stunning jQuery gallery have been added in theme which works as a WordPress’s native gallery. While editing a post just insert a new gallery from ‘Add Media’ button (as we do regularly in WP) and the short-code will do all the magic for you and will transform it into a great gallery on front-end.

We have also added ready-made page templates for you to use. A very easy to use ‘contact us’ page template which contains code for Google Maps and contact form 7 plugin, and another full page template without sidebar to use as text pages like ‘About Us’ or ‘Privacy Policy’.

Ending Thought

Well there are lots of things in both themes which will simply make you say ‘WoW’, and both themes are worth trying.

Please do fill up the comment boxes below if there’s anything bugs you related to these themes, I’m always here to help you out. And the one last thing I just forgot, that the comment boxes below this post are also capable of handling your likes and thanks. ;)