most effective ways to promote your blog

Most Effective Ways To Promote Your Blog

Now that you are done conceptualizing, writing and publishing your blog posts, what comes next? You have to promote them of course! You have to share it to the world and let them know about the amazing things you have just written.

There are a few options you may choose in promoting your blog but here’s the ones that standout for us. Take a look and start planning out how your blog promoting strategy will be.

Promote Your Blog

1. Share/Post it on Social Media Platforms

Tell everyone about what you have written. Not only is it a perfect way to promote your blog but you’ll also be able to gauze how your immediate network responds to your blog. Is your blog likeable?

How many actually read and liked your blog? What I have learned from Dynamic Search – a Social Media Marketing company I have worked with is not to use social sharing apps that “brand” your posts.

It actually depends on your preferences and if it doesn’t bother you then you may go ahead and use one like hootsuite and buffer(I have used both of them before and they’re both awesome!) but what that expert told me is that the posts tend to make the social media interaction look too commercialized and scheduled.

I actually didn’t have any problem with it but I later realized that it actually does look like my account is overly scheduled with all those branded posts on my timeline. Thus I have switched back to traditional Social Media Platform status posting.

2. Contribute to your topic’s community by Blog commenting

This is the easy part but be careful about this one. Blog commenting is supposed to be done to give regards to a well written blog or to contribute to the community. Comment only to blogs that you think are worthy of appreciation and on those that needs additional information. Do not comment on the sole purpose of linking back to your blog.

3. Submit your post to voting sites

Submit your priced blog post to sites like RedditScoop.itBlogEngage and StumbleUpon to get some attention. Although they do not necessarily translate to additional points for your site to rank in organic search results, they are still valuable sources of backlinks and traffic building.

4. Provide your readers with a more accessible way of reading your blog

Promote your blog through email. Give your readers a more accessible way of reaching your blog. Let them subscribe to your blog. You may use the services of email marketing sites like Mailchimp and Aweber. Give them a reason to check their emails every day!

5. Go offline

Even if almost everyone is already online and tends to update their status every day, going offline is still an effective way of promoting your blog. If you are given the opportunity to pitch your idea to a magazine publishing company or perhaps on a newspaper, grab that chance with open arms! People tend to see individuals that write on paper as an Authority on the given topic.

If you are featured in a newspaper then you’ll be presented as an authority. There are also other Medias you can promote your blog in such as the radio and TV. It’s a long shot but if your blog post is very interesting, clickability wouldn’t be a problem. Being memorable is still counts as more important than accessibility.