looking for a better browsing experience check out the best firefox tweaks

Looking For a Better Browsing Experience? Check Out the Best Firefox Tweaks

If you are a Firefox user: TAKE NOTE! If you are long for a better browsing experience, here are a few things you must do this very minute! The ones who are savvy users will probably be familiar already with how to edit Firefox configuration files; however whether you are some seasoned veteran or computer rookie, Gnoted’s issued some handful Firefox tweaks which really have got Firefox cooking!

You know, we all love this fox, but sometimes it gets kind of sluggish especially when you’ve got some 30 + tabs open & spread across the 4 windows at the very same time!!! These simple top Firefox tweaks can majorly alter how Firefox will handle some of the caching functions & you will be able to dramatically improve the speed of page loads.

Free Up Memory

First up, you need to free up some memory. To free memory, you need to go to the Adress bar & simply put in the words about: config & then hit enter.

Next, Search browser.sessionstore.max_concurrent_tabs. Double click on it to set this to zero (0). This will free up the load on Firefox memory & prevent any browser crashes.

Disable Tab Animations

Secondly, you can disable the tab animations by going to the Address bar & typing about:config & hitting enter. Next, in the filter, search browser.tabs.animate & then double-click the values to successfully disable the tab animations. What will happen is that values will now be False. All the tab animations get disabled & that will in turn improve the page loading speed.

Move tabs back to the bottom

Another Firefox tweak is to move the tab back at the bottom. To do so, you need to simply go to the Options….from there find Tab on top & then uncheck the particular box.

Disable Antivirus scanning

Disabling the Antivirus scanning is another one of the top Firefox tweaks! You see, the Firefox browser usually scans the files that are downloading (apart from all usual active software like Windows security).

You can disable such scans by typing browser.download.manager.scanWhenDone in Search & then setting this to false. Reducing the RAM amount Firefox is using for cache features can also improve browsing experience! All you need to do is go to the Address bar & type in about:config (without quotes).

Then search “browser.sessionhistory.max_total_viewer” & set this value to a zero (0).

Disable extension delay

Another great Firefox tweak is disabling the extension delays. The Firefox browser features this countdown timer (by default) for the extension installer. So when you’re trying to install any new add-ons, this will start counting down from three (3) to zero (0) before installation button comes active. One can easily disable this by typing in search security.dialog_enable_delay & changing it to zero (0).