guidelines for publishing content

Guidelines for Publishing Content in the Right Place and Right Time

Talking about the online marketing, content marketing has become its crucial part. Most of your efforts will be worthless if you are not following a right content marketing strategy for that. Whether it is social media marketing, email marketing, SEO or any other technique of the online marketing, content plays an important role in that.

However, creating right and good content is not enough, there are some other concerns related to it that you need to take special care of. For an instance, the place where you are posting the content and the time of the day at which you are posting it matters a lot for attracting the maximum people. Along with creating a good quality content, you need to ensure that it is reaching your target audience effectively. Always remember that it is the knowledge of the right time and right place for publishing the content that makes someone a good or great blogger. The successful bloggers make right decisions after weighing and balancing the various options and juggling through a number of write-ups.

If you also deal in blogging and content publishing and want to make your content more effective then you need to think over the two facts:

  • Content Placement– Are you posting it at the right place where your target audience can reach?
  • Publishing Time– Are you posting it at the time when it will be shown to your maximum audience?

So, let’s discuss both these facts.

Content Placement

There are a number of places where you can post your content, it can be your own blog, third party blog or a blog submission sites like Medium. You need to make a choice among these to attract more followers and views. Here are some concerns that are related to content placement.

  • Content topic

Depending on the factor that whether you are posting it on your own blog or on another blog, you need to determine the right topic for your content. You need to take special care that what type of content a particular blog displays and should choose the topic accordingly. For an instance, if a site contains content on health and beauty, then there are numerous topics you can choose. However, you need to think whether the site is dealing in promoting the natural remedies or is promoting certain treatments for the same.

Another way is getting sponsorships for your content on the top sites. As such sites have a huge clientele, your content will be viewed by the maximum people.

  • Content type

Content can be created in different forms; it can be a long article, a listicle, an infographic, round-ups or a visual content. Depending on the type of site you are posting it on and according to the topic you have chosen for it, you need to choose the type of content. If you don’t know that what type of content performs best on the particular place then you can do some research; otherwise, all your efforts will get wasted. Usually, the visual content performs best on the social media networks and listicles perform well as guest posts.

However, it has been found in the studies that readers prefer the content that is well organized in different points over the content that is written in long paragraphs. So, know what your readers are expecting and create the content accordingly.

  • Tone of the Content

Tone of the article plays an important role in deciding the place for publishing. For an instance, if you have created a controversial or thought-provoking piece of content then it would get more views on forums, active communities, LinkedIn and similar sites because these platforms invite open discussions. And if a content is simply informative but is highly engaging then publishing it on the blog would be a great idea. Therefore, you need to give attention to the tone of the content.

Publishing Time

If you are posting content on the Halloween tricks and tweets in the month of January, no doubt it would be a foolish idea. Instead of posting content on the events that have passed, you should publish content related to the topics that are trending or are upcoming. If you want to enhance the effectiveness of your content then you must focus on the timings you are posting it.

Basically, there are two types of content:

  • Trending content– In order to meet the demands of your audience, you need to remain updated with the latest topics. You must agree with the fact that these trends last for few days or just a few hours, so you need to latch on them quickly. Twitter, Reddit and other social listening tools are the best platforms to reach out the maximum influencers through newsjacking.
  • Evergreen content– As the name depicts evergreen content lasts forever. You don’t only need to create it consciously, covering the whole topic, but you also need to think about the right time for publishing. For an instance, if you are posting an article on the “Summer Body Care Tips” in the month of December, then it would be unwise. Instead, you should post it in the summer beginnings and you will be surprised to see its effectiveness.

However, along with the timings of the trending and evergreen content, you should also give attention to the timings of the day you are publishing the content. For an instance, tweeting on the Twitter when maximum people are online would be a great idea as it increases the chances of visits and views. Don’t publish content on the social media when people are busy in their jobs; otherwise, your content will be hidden by other posts.

Sum Up

To sum up, no matter how good your content is and how much time you have spent on its creation, it would only be worth if you publish it at the right place and at the right time. If you think that great posts should always be posted on your own blog, then you are wrong; sometimes, you need to publish them on other blogs and sites where they can be picked by a discerning audience.