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No Office, No Problem- Why It’s Totally Okay to Operate from Home

Freelance Work From Home

When you’re an independent contractor or a freelancer, you may feel as if you’re a bit of a fraud. If you started out with no experience, it’s easy to feel like you shouldn’t be treated in the same way as big companies, but that isn’t always the case.

And if you’re wondering if working from home just won’t cut it, you’d be wrong there too. Although you may not have a big fancy office with tens of years of experience, you can still be completely professional and earn your place in the industry, and here are the reasons why.

The Internet Gives You Access

First of all, you should always remember that the internet gives you access and has the power to open up a whole bunch of doors for you. By working online as a freelancer or in a telecommute role, you’re still able to do everything that you would do in an office, but from anywhere in the world.

So, if you’re doing the exact same work as an employee, but you’re just not working in an office, that’s more than enough reasons to feel adequate, right?

You Can Look Like You Have An Office

Plus, you don’t have to have a fancy office space when you can look like you do. There’s no reason why you have to tell your clients or customers that you work from your sofa if you don’t want to.

By bagging yourself an online postal mailing service to get a fancy address and teaming that with call forwarding to get a fancy phone number, you’re covered. Then, you’ll look like you have an office, even when you don’t.

You Can Opt To Visit Your Clients

When you have a lot of client contact, you may feel as if this is the problem. You don’t exactly what to invite clients onto your sofa for a meeting now do you. But, don’t let that hold you back.

Who says the clients have to come to you? It’s more likely that you’d go to them anyway. And if they insist on coming to you, take them out to dinner instead – we all know they’d be more than happy with that.

You Don’t Need Staff

Then you may also be wondering what you’re meant to do when you need staff. But that’s easily solved. When you work freelance, you should definitely consider hiring other freelancers for the work you need doing.

Outsourcing is definitely the best way to operate when you want to be an independent contractor as it gives you the freedom to choose who you work with and when.

No One Will See You

Above all else, remember that nobody is going to see you work. So, as long as you’re getting the work done that you need to do, who cares if you work in your pajamas?

You can even throw on a shirt to do Skype calls when the occasion calls for it, but don’t let your surroundings make you think your work ethic can’t cut it. If the ambition and productivity are there, no office is never a problem.