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Best WordPress Hosting

While searching for the best WordPress host you will find a plethora of information, rankings, guides, and complex technical analysis, all with their own placing and prejudices, that will only serve to make this process more complex than it should be.

Truth be told, there is no such thing as the absolute best hosting provider, just like no single shoe can fit all, as a ton of variable preferences dictate the criteria for the best WordPress host for an individual. To streamline this entire process, we are classifying them into categories.

Choose According to your Scale and Scope

In your search for WordPress hosting providers, you must have come across terms like shared hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, managed hosting and dedicated hosting.

Which one to choose should be decided by taking into account scale and scope you require, your budget, technical expertise, future growth and so on. For now, we are limiting our research and recommendation to hosting providers for small to medium scale businesses, individuals and startups, as they direly need proper guidance.

The scale of your audience should be the major deciding factor while choosing a hosting provider. For Individual bloggers and small to medium businesses/startups, shared or VPS hosting will do the trick nicely.

In shared hosting, you share resources of a server with other users, and in VPS, you are allocated a predefined amount of resources (processing power, hard drive, and RAM) on a shared server. Both these are the most economical hosting solutions available, and both can be upgraded to cater to future growth.

Location of Server

Location of the server can play a major role in performance, if you are expecting traffic from a specific region. For instance, if a small boutique in England is catering to only England’s market, then it makes sense to go with a WordPress hosting provider that has servers physically located in England. Most providers do offer a choice as to where you would prefer your server be.

Here are the top 4 WordPress hosting providers in this category, based on their pricing, customer support, SEO friendliness and site building tools.

A2 Hosting

It is one of the fastest growing WordPress hosting provider offering competitive pricing, starting at $3.92/month, with distinctive features like:

  1. One website only
  2. Unlimited diskspace and bandwidth
  3. Unlimited transfer
  4. Turbo Servers (up to 20X faster)
  5. Anytime money back guarantee
  6. Easy WordPress installer
  7. 24/7 customer support

GreenGeeks Hosting

They are among the most reliable web hosting providers with industry leading customer support and guaranteed uptime rendering services at a competitive price of $3.95/month for now. They can easily swap place with our number one recommendation at any day of the year.

What makes them stand out from the crowd?

  1. Unlimited domains
  2. Unlimited web space and data transfer
  3. Free domain registration and transfer
  4. Free marketing and SEO tool
  5. One click WordPress builder and
  6. 30 day moneyback guarantee
  7. Free website transfer service
  8. 99.9% service uptime


Another tested and tried all-rounder with most competitive pricing, starting at $5.95/month, on our list! Your $6 will get you

  1. One site
  2. 25K visits per month
  3. 1GB backups
  4. 50GB storage
  5. Free migration

The only dent in its shining armor is downtime, which is slightly lower than our top picks.

InMotion Hosting

Considered one of the most reliable WordPress host currently available, their prices and quality of service are hard to match. Prices start at $5.99/month and you get a ton of goodies like

  1. Free domain
  2. Up to 2 websites
  3. Unlimited bandwidth
  4. Unlimited storage
  5. And unlimited email space

They are in 4th spot only because the top 3 in our list are in a league of their own. Nonetheless, you can’t go wrong with them and host any WordPress theme.