adobe dreamweaver creative cloud first look

Adobe Dreamweaver Creative Cloud First Look

As Adobe says, “ Creative Cloud Changes everything”. So, let’s first talk about – What exactly is Creative Cloud?

At the Abode Max Conference on May 5 2013, Adobe announced that “Creative Suite” is retiring and all applications will be featured with “Creative Cloud” in future i.e. Dreamweaver CC, Photoshop CC.

Creative Cloud is integrated with Behance, so you can share your projects and get immediate feedback from creative people around the world. We are already familiar with cloud computing and cloud storage drives and same is the case with Adobe’s Creative Cloud.

It is a service which, after subscription, allows us to use all creative applications from anywhere we want to, it doesn’t matter that you’re at your work-place or home or anywhere in the world.

All you need to do is Sign-in and all your files and settings will be synced to your current system. (An internet connection is required for initial downloads.)

Subscription is on monthly basis so if you stopped paying, you’ll lose access to all your software(s), data and files. File format of Creative Cloud is different and is not compatible with Creative Suite. One good thing is that you can forget about dropping $2000-$3000 to set up your entire workstation and buying complete suite, just get Creative Cloud subscription for $49/month and use all applications with ease.


Adobe Dreamweaver CC provides powerful list of features that makes it a popular choice among programmers for designing, development, and publishing of web pages and also to create mobile applications. Due to an intuitive and easy to understand interface of Dreamweaver, educational institutions are also recommending this software to new students.


Every new version of Dreamweaver gets new features but usually welcome screens remain the same to help you get started easily.


This new version of Dreamweaver rolls out with very big updates including Fluid Grid Layout, CSS Designer, Sync Settings, PhoneGap Build support,  jQuery UI widgets and many more features. Several bugs have been fixed to make this version run faster and smoother in most environments.

NEW CSS Designer


CSS designer is the most impressive feature of Dreamweaver CC. The CSS panel actually shows you all the available CSS in your project. It also displays media queries, related selectors, and properties. Just select computed option and all the properties associated with that object will be selected.

You don’t have to know the class name of the object to change its properties all can be done by this new CSS designer and properties can also be analyzed to check their compatibility with different browsers and with the live view option you can see the changes happen.

Fluid Grid Layout


Producing content intended for multiple types of screens of different sizes was never an easy task. Device fragmentation, multiple browsers, Operating Systems all works differently making your design seem different and produce complications for you.

Dreamweaver CC enables you to design responsive content by providing a great framework.


Dreamweaver CC provides built-in support for jquery to create drop-down menus, buttons, and calendars.

Modern platform support

Coding has become more efficient using the improved code hinting and syntax coloring.

PhoneGap Build Support

Developing Apps for Android and iOS become easier. Dreamweaver lets you convert your existing HTML pages to mobile apps.

Integrated CMS support

Updated dynamical file view and Live View features help you work more easily on CMS.

Hence, this new update from design giant Adobe is a great step towards the enhancement of Web Industry.