5 popular web services to create web safe font face typeface

5 Popular Web Services to Create Web Safe Font Face Typeface

Web typography plays a crucial role in the overall design and aesthetics of a website.

In this blog post, we will introduce you to 5 popular web services that allow you to create web-safe font face typefaces, providing you with the ability to use custom fonts on your websites without sacrificing performance or accessibility.

Understanding Web-Safe Fonts and Font-Face Typeface:

Web-safe fonts refer to a set of fonts that are widely available across different operating systems and web browsers. They are considered safe because they are likely to be displayed consistently on users’ devices.

On the other hand, font-face is a CSS rule that allows web designers to use custom fonts that may not be present on all devices, ensuring greater flexibility in typography choices.

5 Web Services for Creating Web-Safe Fonts:

  1. Google Fonts: Google Fonts offers a vast collection of free, open-source fonts that can be easily integrated into web projects. It provides a user-friendly interface and supports a wide range of font styles and languages.
  2. Adobe Fonts (formerly Typekit): Adobe Fonts offers a subscription-based service with an extensive library of high-quality fonts. It provides advanced typography features and seamless integration with Adobe Creative Cloud applications.
  3. Font Squirrel: Font Squirrel offers a collection of free fonts that are hand-picked for their quality and compatibility with different browsers. It provides font conversion tools and licenses for commercial use.
  4. Fontspring: Fontspring offers a curated collection of commercial fonts from various type foundries. It provides licensing options and supports web font formats like WOFF and WOFF2.
  5. Fonts.com: Fonts.com provides a wide selection of professionally designed fonts suitable for web and print projects. It offers licensing options and advanced typographic features.

Features and Functionality of Each Web Service:

Google Fonts provides an extensive library, easy integration, and multiple font styles.

Adobe Fonts offers a vast selection, seamless integration with Adobe applications, and responsive web fonts.

Font Squirrel provides high-quality free fonts, font conversion tools, and commercial use licenses.

Fontspring offers a curated collection, licensing options, and support for web font formats.

Fonts.com provides a wide range of professionally designed fonts, licensing options, and advanced typographic features.

How to Create Web-Safe Fonts with Web Services:

To create web-safe fonts using these services, you can browse their respective libraries, select the desired font(s), and follow their integration instructions. This typically involves adding CSS code or linking to external font files.

The web services usually provide the necessary code snippets or font files to be included in your web project.

Tips and Best Practices for Using Web-Safe Fonts in Web Design Projects:

  1. Choose fonts that align with the overall design and branding of your website.
  2. Optimize font loading to ensure fast and efficient delivery to users.
  3. Use font pairing techniques to create harmonious and visually appealing combinations.
  4. Consider readability and legibility when selecting fonts, especially for body text.
  5. Test your web design across different devices and browsers to ensure consistent font rendering.


Web typography is an essential element of web design, and using custom fonts can greatly enhance the visual appeal and uniqueness of a website.

In this blog post, we have introduced you to 5 popular web services that enable you to create web-safe font face typefaces. By leveraging these services, you can create visually stunning websites with custom fonts, while ensuring performance and accessibility for all users.