AutosMag – Another Free Premium WordPress Theme

Theme Features

Various Featured are added into AutosMag Theme Pack! You will find the following features in this free WP theme.

Editor’s Pick

AutosMag has a built in feature to set a post as Editor Pick. You can see the 3 Editor’s Choice Posts on the Top Right Area of front page and 10 posts’ on the right sidebar of other pages.

Featured Post

AutosMag also have a built in feature to set a post as Featured. You can see the 5 Featured Posts on the Top Left Area of front page and 10 posts’ on the right sidebar for other pages as AJAX.

Comments Style

Other Features:

Here is a list for other features that in included in AutosMag Theme Package.

  • Custom Post Information Pallet

Bevel Effect on Post Thumbs

Bevel Effect appears when someone move the mouse over the post thumbnail. For example if we move our cursor toward post thumbnail it will appears as overlay on the post area. See the image listed below:

Post Style

Full width Post

3 Columns Magazine Style Posting

25 thoughts on “AutosMag – Another Free Premium WordPress Theme”

    1. Please read the documentation carefully. Edit your post and Choose “Yes” from the “Show image with Post?” dropdown. You will see it under the “Post Options” below to the editor.

      Can you please activate this theme to resolve this issue?

  1. That was very interesting. There are not a lot of blogs out there with good information on this topic. I hope to read more good comments when I come back later. Thank you for the information.

  2. Hi,thank you first for excellent theme.

    I am sure many people meet the image problem. Pleas could you help us all again:

    1. on theme opitions, we choose correct catalogue for featherd used.when post the image, we upload image into post content by default,the images only use for reader,then choose the post opition with YES for all, and choose the image. (but no upload button after it ,only choose it from computer)then click publish or update button. but it still can not show images on frontpage.

    2.the uploading files default is wp-content/uploads ,its any problems with it?I also found in the wp root,there is a upload (not uploads),and the permission is same as default uploads folder. By the way, wp is 3.12

    thanks again for your effort again, regars, david

    1. First of all, please check “upload” folder exist with chmod 0777 in the wp root directory where wp-config.php file placed. After this upload the image from Post Options. By the way, theme is compatible with WordPress 3.1.2.

      1. Tks your quick help.
        I had set upload fileholder from 755 to 777 permission,but it still doesnt work. after choose image file under post option and upload, nothing happen.Anyway, thankyou again and i will ask someone to fix this problem.

  3. How can I add my custom menu to the front page as tabs like the demo shows? Because the theme is saying that it doesnt support custom menus I can only add it as a widget on the sidebar. What do I need to do to add it to the front page next to ‘Home”???

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