WordPress 3.7 “Basie” is now available

WordPress 3.7 “Basie” is now available

Automattic has just released a New Version of its blogging and publishing platform Version 3.7 Basie. The new version, named “Basie” in honor of Count Basie.

This release features some most important core updates. Here we are going to list down the big ones.

Update while you Sleep

Automatic update is a new and my favorite feature which enables your WP websites to automatically apply the updates in the background without the intervention of a user. One of the major causes to introduce this feature is that WP sites are getting hacked or cracked because most users never update their core, themes or plugins.

WordPress Update Feature

Recommendations for Strong Password

Your Password is the first stage of defense for your website. WordPress adds a new feature “Password Meter” that encourages users to use stronger passwords which shows whether your Password is strong enough or not.

Better Global Support

The new “language packs” feature in WordPress 3.7 will allow for, “faster and more complete translations.” Language packs will be taken away from WordPress core and managed individually from the core, themes, and plugins. Language packs are also likely to be updated quietly along with minor revisions, so that improved support for more languages can be reinforced quicker.

You can look at all changes on the WordPress Codex website.

To update to WordPress 3.7, you can use the built-in update option from dashboard, or download the new version and update it manually via FTP / sFTP.

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