Top 5 e-commerce plugins for wordpress

Top 5 e-commerce plugins for wordpress
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  • January 30, 2014
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Remember the time when you had to drag yourself out of bed and push yourself go out for shopping. My Friend, that was past. Now things are changing. Our world is getting digitized now. Trends are changing and all the stores are now online. According to research, retail shopping is going down and ecommerce is on the rise. This also increases the market’s demand of ecommerce sites.

Believe me; Setting up a proper e-commerce site is not an easy task. But with this article; setting up an ecommerce site will be a piece of cake, using the most popular and easy to use Content Management System WordPress with ecommerce plugins.

There are several good ecommerce plugins at wordpress plugin repository but we are going talk about the best plugins according to user’s feedback.

1) WooCommerce


WooCommerce plugin is powered by famous developers at WooThemes. A great and easy to use plugin, with lots of features like dashboard widgets & reports, PayPal Standard Gateway, BACS, Cheque and Cash on Delivery, Flat rate shipping,  International delivery, Local delivery and local Pickup , Google Analytics and lot more. The plugin has so many great  ratings  on because it is highly customizable and can be molded to anything you want to get using hundreds of WooCommerce extensions.

2) WP Ecommerce


The very first plugin in market to use a wordpress site as a e-commerce site was wp ecommerce. With highest download rate wp ecommerce has lots of built-in functions for which other plugins require extensions. Easy to deploy and easy to use, wp ecommerce is a complete plugin to set up a ecommerce site and is highly customizable to change the whole look and feel according to your needs.

3) JigoShop


Jigoshop gives numerous characteristics which are a key to having an e-business site. It will take just minutes to make your full-fledged online shop with different Jigoshop items and administrations. You can bunch your items and give different properties for your items, (such as S, M, L sizes for dress) to help your guests effortlessly refine the things according to their necessities.

4) Cart66 lite


Not at all like other e-commerce plugins, it is light yet capable. You can effortlessly offer advanced and also physical items with it. With numerous delivery and cash choices, it can help you give your business a global edge. You can effectively put ads on any page and utilize associate advertising for additional benefit.

5) Eshop Plugin


Eshop is an effectively open WordPress plugin. It has basic controls and furnishes different techniques for posting items. Including items and modifying settings is simple on eshop. Additionally it has a straight forward interface for brisk skimming and buy. It also gives numerous merchant payment gateways, statistics for purchase, different shipping choices and so on.

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