Create HTML5 ads in minutes, for free with Google Web Designer

Create HTML5 ads in minutes, for free with Google Web Designer

Google has launched its new app, Google Web Designer, to create a beautiful and interactive HTML sites and advertisements. The app is in beta phase and available for free download.

HTML5 is commonly used as the standard language that everyone on the Web should choose. If you didn’t already know, Google explains HTML5 as a “wide-spread language for building beautiful content that can run over Smartphones, tablets and desktops.”


As a result, the company expects that Google Web Designer will help advertising industry to create HTML5 ads and get Web developers much closer to the aim of “make once, run anywhere.”

Google Web Designer creates pages and you can insure your work in every browser you have installed on your PC like Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

You can also produce 3D art work using the CSS3, and a set of pre-developed elements for galleries, and YouTube embedded videos as well as Google Maps.


Google has provided numerous YouTube videos to show how the app works. Here’s one of them:

Although, it is in a beta stage, it is a brilliant app. I’ve personally used this app for about 2 hours and I failed to find a single bug.

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