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How to Choose a WordPress Theme for your Business

A good website has the ability to grow your business. The website theme you choose is like the first impression of the company to its prospects. Building a good website enables you to:

  • Establish credibility
  • Trust building
  • Engaging visitors
  • Generating Leads
  • Closing more sales
  • Offer better customer support

While building a website, choosing a website theme is one of the decisive factors that will define your company’s credibility. The theme will act as a canvas where your company’s future will be drawn. So, yes it is very crucial. Also, theme selection will also affect your website’s speed and performance.

Just give it a thought, you as a customer heard about some new company in the market. It is quite unrealistic to say that for knowing that company you would visit the company’s campus. You would simply search about that company on the Internet. The company’s website can be a very good start for this purpose. So, the representation of a company with a highly responsive, and suiting aesthetics of the website will be the parameters to anticipate your company’s quality.

Great user interaction through a website can undoubtedly increase the number of visitors and branding of your company.

So, let’s talk about some silly mistakes that you don’t want to commit while selecting a theme for your startup website.

1.    You didn’t pay attention to the theme framework.

Let us understand this in this way. Will you buy a phone just because it is sleek and beautiful? Of course not, you won’t buy it unless you do not know its complete features including everything. The same pattern goes on in choosing a website theme for a company.

If you neglect the fact that the theme you liked is not flexible, you might end up in a dilemma that now you cannot even make the most basic change in your website which could have been very crucial in accordance with the nature of your website.

For testing the framework you can do it for almost every premium theme in WordPress. There is a test drive option that allows you to check that particular theme. You can use this demo for your website in the subdomain of the theme page.

This test enables you to test the flexibility of that theme, you can also understand and evaluate the code which will help you in your decision making.

2.    Purchased a theme with no Drag & Drop Builder!

Drag & Drop builder makes the customization of a website so easy that anyone with basic knowledge can effectively and efficiently customize a website. Yet many themes are still in the market without Drag & Drop builder which makes it a herculean task to build and maintain a website.

Drag & Drop builder is a console that gives a look of a design panel in a grid that is highly user-friendly. It enables you to design a website with no coding at all. So, beware of repeating this awful mistake coz it can save you money which can be utilized in many other ways.

3.    Chose a website theme layout which confuses your prospects!

You see this home page right? Can you guess what this website is about? Of course not. The owner of this website clearly created a hazardous mistake. Now, this layout will ultimately make the visitor leave the website in no time. And this is obviously not good for a business.

You have to select a layout in which there is a scope of explaining what you do and what you offer to your visitor. So, choosing a website theme is not enough, it should be well scripted with elements such as text and images and even graphics explaining to the visitor your expertise.

4.    You ignored the plugin features & compatibility.

I want to clear one thing with some evidence first. “Themes & Plugins are actually Collinear to each other.” And trust me, the most common myth among the website owners is, “Themes are different from plugins.” I know you won’t believe it.

This can be a grave mistake for a startup. But you don’t have to worry if you’re reading this post. You can certainly avoid such problems. Now the question is how. Just follow these key points & you won’t stuck in these situations,

Make a list of the estimated number of plugins you might need for your startup website. Obviously, you don’t need all the plugins available in the digital realm. So, make the list & analyze one by one, which plugin supports which theme. It can be immensely helpful in your decision-making without creating any blunder for the future.

Think about which kind of feature you want for your site. There are many themes that include custom plugins that can be handy. This again will help you in your decision-making.

If you’re uncertain about the compatibility, you can contact the theme developer and you’ll get a concise answer.

5.    Forgot to consider font problems when switching to multi-language form.

Changing font is very easy, technically speaking, however, the changes in design due to that make it a complex process. Just imagine your website is in the English language which is we know that scripts from left to right. Now if you make your website available in Arabic which is a right to the left script, this is where your blunderous mistake gets caught.

As I said translating a script may be a simple process but controlling the graphic change with respect to it is way too complex which might lead you to hire a professional. So, going for a design that supports your set of languages can be a smart move and I guess this would also narrow your list of the desired theme which makes it easy for you to take a decision regarding choosing a website theme for your website.


The overall point of my argument is not to poke out your mistakes. However, I want you to know about common mistakes in practice and avoid them fully which will be fruitful to your startup business.

Startups need more planning and there is so much to take care of which might lead most of you to make these mistakes. But now you can avoid them and attain great heights in your business.

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