5 Popular Web Services to Create Web Safe @font-face Typeface

5 Popular Web Services to Create Web Safe @font-face Typeface

Acquiring each and every typeface in web safe font’s format is almost difficult, as a typeface usually comes in only one format and to resolve that issue, we use the CSS3 @font-face principle. Before this principle, the developers had to use the typical typefaces that usually come pre-installed in a visitor’s personal computer, so that he can conveniently read the text available on a web page. But now the developers can use any typeface on the websites by writing a CSS3 @font-face principle.

There are possibilities that some major browsers may not support that typeface because they are available in different formats, such as: TTF, OTF, EOT, WOFF, and SVG.

I’ve listed five most popular web services to generate web safe fonts. They are as follows:

Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel is one of the well-known websites to find modern typefaces that are available for free to use in commercial websites. At Font Squirrel, you can get 100s of typefaces for use in e-books, Applications, and commercial projects. In addition, it also presents a fantastic tool that can convert any of your typefaces into web safe typefaces and also generates the @font-face principle for you for free.

Convert Fonts

font-face generator

Convert Fonts is another tools which performs within a few seconds. No matter if your desired font is in TTF, Postscript formatorOTF, this amazing tool will transform that into TTF, EOT as well as SVG formats and generate a CSS file for @font-face principle. What you need to do is to upload your typeface file, and click the ‘Get @font-face’ button. It will transform your typeface, and provide you a zip file in just a few seconds.

Web Embedding Fonts Tool

Microsoft Typography

Web Embedding Fonts Tool allows you to transform their existing typeface into the web safe typeface, which can be rendered by all primary web browsers. This application has been created by Microsoft to deliver the results on especially Windows. This application has also a tutorial guide which helps you what to do before beginning the @font-face kit creation task. This application can be downloaded for free.

Free online font converter

Free online font converter

The Online Font Converter is also a free service that takes a typeface files and convert it into various supported typeface formats such as .ttf, .eot, .otf, .cff, .afm .ttc, .woff and much more. Here is a complete reference guide for the supported formats of typeface.

TTF to EOT Font Converter

ttf2eot on the web!

If you want to transform your TTF typeface into EOT typeface, then you have to use TTF to EOT Font Converter service. However, the only disadvantage of this service is that it supports only 2 MB TTF typeface file. In addition, it also produces the @font-face for your transformed font, which you can put into action in your existing CSS file or link it individually to make the typeface work in supporting browsers.

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