Tech Noise – A Free WP Theme with a Dynamic Multi-color Scheme

Tech Noise is an elegantly designed Free WP Theme with a dynamic multi-color scheme. Pure magazine style WP theme with a number of favorable features!

This free wp theme is designed by and made free by Tech Blog

84 thoughts on “Tech Noise – A Free WP Theme with a Dynamic Multi-color Scheme”

  1. some addition

    first like my last comment

    thanks for the update
    now, I am try wp menus and the result
    (like an eror image load) beside menu
    you can see on my blog


    on the sidebar page (most recent), try to open this blog (tech Noise or my blog) with GOOGLE CHROME

    you can see the different.

    thanks, and I waiting for your answer

      1. Hi there,
        I just got my domain today and installed this great theme straight away. It looks great, but I am having some minor issues. This may be due to the fact that I am new to wordpress altogether or because I am importing from

        For example: when Im in one of my posts, I see the most recent bar to the right, but the links are not alligned with the numbers. Some are, some arent and I cant figure out why.

        Another thing is the RSS button. The one in the top of the page works fine, but the one in the bottom of the page doesnt go to the correct adress. Where do I edit this?

        Thank you so much for making this theme!

  2. Good morning,

    Technoise really liked the theme, but I have some difficulties. I can not put the first slide that is just the beginning page of the right to work, and also could not put “Popular This Week” as it has in page.

    you have any documentation or a tip on how to put these elements to function.

    Thank you and sorry for the english I’m Brazilian and I’m using google translator to write to you.

    1. Hi Antonio

      1) Use a custom field “is_featured” and 1 as a meta value to show a post into slider.

      2) To enable Popular This Week section Open this link and copy and paste sql query in mySQL/phpMyAdmin to create the table.

  3. Hi, first i would like to thank you for this wonderful theme, need a little help of your,

    actually i have set featured image in every post but its not showing featured image on homepage in any area like in slide, editor choice & every area

    1. I have installed the theme, however, its missing images in front page. If I click the post the images are visible but they are not visible on the front page. Any help?

      I have tried disable the plugins, and tested but still the same error. Thanks admin for awesome theme. Please help.

  4. getting this error it might be helpful for u to understand whts going wrong

    Warning: imagejpeg() [function.imagejpeg]: Unable to open ‘./cache/525e05eb36130a7ca70e74724c40abbd.jpg’ for writing: Permission denied in /home/bein5180/public_html/wp-content/themes/Tech-Noise/thumb.php on line 320

    thx in advance

  5. Hello Admin,

    I have managed to setup the theme correctly. However, I come across the thumbnail issue, for which I need some assistance if you could help.

    The theme has been setup here

    There are two images in every post, if I add feature post it shows two images, however if its not a feature post, it shows the thumbnail of the logo. How to correct that? Please help.


    1. Hi Neeraj Vohra!

      If your want to remove the first image showing under the post title / social button then edit the “single.php” file and remove the following code from line #23 to #26

      <div id="post_social">
      <div class="clear"></div>

      or if you want to change the default image then go to images/ directory and find the “no-image.jpg” and edit it into your favorite image editor.

      1. Thanks for the reply Admin. I appreciate that. I liked the second option of changing the default image. I will check to see which one looks better. 🙂

        I need some more help from you, how to open the social links of the themes in new windows?
        I have added all the social links, but they all open in the same windows. Tried adding “target as blank to social icons” but was not able to do so.

        Any tip for this would be great. Thanks again for creating amazing theme, plus giving support to the theme users. You’re the best.

        1. If you are using the official buttons of social websites like digg, twitter and facebook etc. they always open the link in new popup window! and if you using custom link use the ‘ target=”_blank” ‘ attribute in your anchor tag to open in new window!

  6. Hello Boss,

    please fix error in theme,

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function userphoto__get_userphoto() in /home/erwans/public_html/OURGAMECN.COM/wp-content/themes/Theme-728-Free-1/functions.php(1) : eval()’d code on line 30

    Thanks, 🙂

  7. Hi admin,

    the theme sidebar in post lost position, text goes unaligned while opening in internet explorer or in google chrome, while its running fine in firefox.

    any help

    Thank you

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