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ElegantTech is a free WP Theme ideal for tech, autos, cars, mobile phones, etc. related blogs. ElegantTech is having a decent combination of blue and white colors in a very neat and clean way.

ElegantTech free wordpress theme is designed by TemplatesCraze.com and made free by Technology Blog

13 thoughts on “ElegantTech – Free WP Theme for your Blog”

  1. Hi, I use your great theme for http://www.avhifi.sk but I have a problem with thumbnails. Can I please ask for advice? I use Auto Post Thumbnail plugin and thumbnails with different template work well .
    Thank you very much for your advice
    I send greetings

    1. No need to use any plugin for thumbnail, please read the instructions file ( readme.txt ) carefully and only put the custom fields in the post for the thumbnail.

    1. Please Put the custom field for the image. “Custom Field Name = image” and “value = Full image path” . Please read the instruction file (readme.txt) carefully.

  2. Image not showing on home page, where to put the custom field for the image ? Plase give me some more instructions Have a look on my website to see what is about.

  3. I am using your template “Tech Jitter” and I am facing some problem, please help.

    In the ‘readme.txt’ it is written:-
    == Image for the Top Slider ==
    You should upload 258 x 263 size image from the slider Image link.

    == Image for the Other Posts ==
    You should upload 203 x 169 size image from the whole site Image link.

    Now please tell me where I should find – Slider image link/ whole site image link to upload the image. I am bit confused. Kindly explain.

  4. Thanks for support.

    Current problem is – The slider is not working as it is in your Demo. The content in the slider appears at top and is not clickable. It does not slide.

    If you don’t mind then I am posting a link of screenshot.

        1. It is currently installed on my computer (Microsoft WebMatrix). Once I solve the issues, I will buy a new domain (Tech related domain) and will host it there. I am planning to buy the non-encrypted version of the said themes from you.

          Currently the problem is – when I create a new posts with Metaname = is_featured and Metavalue= 1; The post appears in slider but it doesn’t slide. (For image, I am doing – Metaname= image, and Value= “full url of the image”.)
          Is there any plugin required for functioning of the slider? Currently I haven’t installed any plugin except – wp-PageNavi


          1. Wow! I solved it. It’s working perfectly now, actually the problem was because of my own mistake. Thanks for this wonderful theme.

            I would like to buy the non-encrypted version. Can you tell me the what is payment procedure, I mean I am from India and I do not have paypal account. I do have Maestro Debit card and I don’t think it will be possible for me to make transaction in Dollar as a currency.


          2. Good to know that it’s working fine for you now.

            I have sent you Payment link, you can pay via Credit Card, please check your email.

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