ShopCart – A Free WordPress e-Commerce Theme

ShopCart Free is two columns widgetized free wordpress press theme with simple and clean look.

Note: ShopCart is Designed By: – Footer links to the designer and sponsor of theme are mandatory while using this Theme.

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  1. I had this working on a test site but after upgrades and moving to a new site it does not work anymore. What i did was break out the groups to be there own menu with submenus under them with the categories.


    Shop By Categories



    Give to UAFAA

    What did I do wrong to have it break now?
    Thank you so much for your help.

  2. Respected sir,

    I find this super great theme from you, thanks for this.
    I have installed & activated all plugins. theme is working fine.
    first page of my web is not same as demo. please see it and tell me how can I do these:

    1. first page with “Products page”, “Brand Marquee” and “upper right links”. really I can’t find “”. I know HTML but not PHP.

    can you please provide me how can I do these things??


    1. I am in the same boat as you Param. I am new to php but I do know you need to first have the wp-ecommerce plugin installed. After that you need to go into your wordpress admin to settings and make sure you have under readings set your main page. Next step is to you the shop tab in wp-admin to get your products loaded. It should all work then.

    2. Have you read the Readme / Documentation for this theme? Readme file clearly mentioned how to activate front page.

  3. Hi, thank you for the great theme! I have it installed at but I’m having trouble making it look like your demo… I’d like to have the border around the product thumbnails, the background of the product page to be white and the fonts to appear the same. Is there a setting I need to enable or disable? or another plug-in I need to install? Thanks in advance for your help with this.


    1. Just add a new line to add border around the image with the border attribute.

      div.default_product_display div.textcol div.imagecol

  4. OK, I know the theme was free and I for one think you did a tremendous job. I have read all the comments here and it doesn’t seem that anyone is have the problem that I am.

    My install does not show the login and register options in the upper right hand corner of the header. I looked at the header.php file and the code is there but it’s a no show on the site. Is there some place I have to go to and check a box or something to get it to show up there?

    Thanks, Codi

    1. First you have to logout from the admin section. The login code is placed in the header.php but it hide when an admin or user logged in to wp-admin section.

  5. Recently i updated my wp-ecommerce to v 3.8 and it broke the navigation in the sidebar. Does anyone know what to change now to make the navigation list group/main category name then just its categories/subcategories under it and then repeat the steps for the other groups/main categories.

    for example the group “categories” has listed several categories under it. I then added a new group called “membership” with two categories under it.

    I would like it to look like this:

    Shop by Category


    And so on…. Can anyone help me fix this after the update.

    Thank you before hand if you can.

  6. Is there any step by step guide for using this theme? I have problem with not being able to post at all.

      1. Thanks a lot. Now another one since I got addicted to the design cause it’s so cool – is there any possibility of adding identical sidebar like the one already existing but on the right side?

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