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A new version of IdealHome – Free WordPress Theme v1.2 (premium version) is available for download.

IdealHome is a powerful, yet simple to manage business “theme” built specially for real estate agencies, real estate blogs, property, home improvement and for many other blogs on various topics.

IdealHome theme is designed by and made free by Home Decor Tips!

50 thoughts on “IdealHome – Free WordPress Theme”

  1. I am having trouble with the “Advance Property Search” widget. I have re-generated the permalinks and it is still displaying the error:


    Apologies, but no results were found for the requested archive. Perhaps searching will help find a related post.”

    If I could please get come assistance. Thank you.

      1. I am still having trouble trying to display more than 10 listings at a time. is there a way you could help me with that? Thank you.

        1. Hi,

          Please logged in to the wp-admin and Go to Settings -> Reading and change the value of Blog pages show at most.

          This will definitely helps you!

  2. Sorry to write again, but I just noticed that only 10 properties show on a page, is there any ways to change that so all properties can be viewed ?

  3. I have purchased the Ideal Home premium version yesterday, I assume that is the most up-to-date version of the theme.

  4. Dear Admin,

    It’s work well for me exept for one thing.
    I don’t know how to connect all my property to the two different page “buy” and “rent” …
    Somone can help me on that ?

    Thank you


    1. Hi Damien.

      Create a new post and select the categories which you have created from the right hand side of the post section and publish the post.

  5. Hi,

    Thank u for ur reponse, but i don’t understand….
    I created 2 page (not post), one “BUY” and the seconde one “RENT”.
    In my WP back office i created some post of proprerties (houses) … but when i publish the property i can’t see the property on my website… I am not able to understand why the properties post does not appear on the web page when i try to search it under the section of “Buy” or “Rent”…. In fact nothing comes up when I try to search the posts of properties… how to post property adds so that when I click “Buy” or “Rent” and search the specific add the property post appears…?

    Even the Widget “Advance property search” is not working….

    They is something do to with the permalink ?

    Please help me.


    1. Hi Damien,

      Do not create pages for Buy and rent properties,

      Locate Properties -> Property Type in WP admin and create the property type. After creating the property type, enter Property information in add new property and publish it.

      Your properties will be listed under those property types.


      2nd: Go to General -> Permalinks and regenerate your permalink settings.

    2. You can have your properties show on your two pages by creating two child templates that will query the posts based on the buy/rent categories.

  6. actually i am using wordpress version 3.5.1,wp-property plugin 1.38.2,ideal home theam v1.o,so all properties are not displaying in admin section,&media problem while uploading,plz give me right solution for that.

    1. Hi Chanda,

      We are not using any third-party plugin like wp-property in this theme. The theme has its own properties feature. Login to your admin and find the “Properties” under the left navigation.

      The Media uploading problem occurred when the upload folder of your wordpress doesn’t have the read and write permission.

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