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HomeDecor is a semi-magazine style free wordpress theme having classic combination of black, green, red, brown, white and orange colors look with an attractive slider. Perfect for home decor, home improvement, gardening, real estate, home related blogs!

This free wp theme is designed by TemplatesCraze.com and made free by Home Decor Advisor & Health Care Blog

20 thoughts on “HomeDecor – A Free WordPress Theme”

  1. this the most great theme but, why this theme doesn’t work, i successfully for installed but broken and didn’t show up when run

    1. Can you please tell us which thing is not working on your wordpress installation. i have install this theme on WordPress 3.1.2 and its working fine.

    1. You will find adsense code in sidebar.php, single.php and header.php. Just remove the code and save it.

    1. For Buttons: Edit loop.php and remove the code from line #23 to 28.

      For image slider read the Readme.txt file

  2. AMAZING THEME! Thank you!

    Having trouble with a few items:

    I get the featured images to show up on the posts, but I get no images in the header of the main page. To be clear, on your screenshot, where the Christmas lights and the “Interior Design” ad is.

    The other problem is that it does not show any widgets, except the subscribe and the Social Media links.

    I do not understand what is meant by the Custom Keys, I do not know where to put them.

    Please help! Thanks very much

  3. Sorry for the double post. I figured out the Adsense. The Sidebar Does in fact load, but it takes minutes to do so.

    Still have not figured out the Image slider in the header. I dont know how to set the custom keys, nor do I know what that means. Searching the web doesnt seem to help, since all reference to it seems to be written for theme developers who already know what they’re doing.

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