FashionWear – A Free Premium WordPress Theme with Multiple Color Schemes

FashionWear free WordPress theme is designed by and made free by Fashion Wear blog!

Theme Features

Various Features are added into FashionWear WP Theme Pack! You will find the following features in this free wp theme.

Color Schemes

FashionWear is available in 12 different Color Schemes. You will be able to choose any Color Scheme for your default blog layout. You can also change the Color Scheme for Individual Categories/Sections

Editor’s Choice

FashionWear has a built in feature to set any post as an Editor Pick. You can see the 6 Editor’s Choice Posts on the Top Right Area of front page content area and 5 posts on the right sidebar of the other pages.

Hot Galleries

FashionWear also has a built-in gallery option where you can show up to 8 latest posts/entries.


FashionWear also has a built in slider where you can set up to 5 posts as Featured. You can drive post in the slider using 3 different ways.

  1. Using a single Post Category
  2. Using a single Post Tag
  3. Using Custom Option available in each post.

Login and Search Panel

For Login and Registration, there is no special template required. We have introduced a custom login area for the WordPress Users. You can see this custom login box on the bottom of Top Navigation (next to breadcrumb).  When you click on Login or Search link a Dropdown Menu will be open. Here you can log in using your existing login information.

Video Option

FashionWear comes up with built in option to add a video just like a post and have a custom page for video. You will see more than 5 Video Posts in the Sidebar area (Sitewide) and more than 9 posts in the video page template.

Galleries Option

FashionWear is having a built in option to add galleries just like a post and have a custom page for gallery. You can also add these galleries in any other post (s). This theme also has a custom page template for gallery option.


FashionWear WP Theme – Other Features:

Here is a list of other features which are included in FashionWear Theme Package.

  • Custom Post Information Pallet
  • Custom Post type for Videos
  • Custom Post type for Galleries
  • Custom Button to put galleries into a post
  • Subscribe Panel (Powered by Feedburner)

In order to avail all of the listed features, you need to view/read the Theme Manual File

128 thoughts on “FashionWear – A Free Premium WordPress Theme with Multiple Color Schemes”

  1. When you use manual advertisement settings what code do you put in the ad boxes. I cannot get my ad code from google adsense to work here


  2. All the thumbnails that I set for ‘hot pics’ and featured images for the slider seems to be broken. How do I fix this? THANK YOU!!

  3. Insert Gallery Drop down not updating from database when a new gallery is published …
    and it updates after i logout and log in again :/

    WordPress version 3.4.2

  4. Hello! its theme is wonderful and very professional … Help me please! adsense block is not working … I put the codes but does not work properly, I’m using wordpress 3.5 … I’m from Brazil / Rio de Janeiro. Thank you!

    1. Hi Alberto,

      Go to WordPress Admin, and open Fashion+ Settings.

      Under Advertisement Settings Box, Set settings as follow:

      Enable: Yes
      Placement: Auto
      Publisher ID: Your Publisher Code pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Help me please … field to the adsense code is not working … I’m doing everything right but this error with this portal. Thank you!

  6. Hello! I requested a budget to customize a theme walks and had no response from you … I wrote and completed all fields: name, email and phone … I want to know about the price. I await contact. Thank you! Carlos Alberto

  7. i just installed and configuring one by one, i am new for wp.
    wont taking more than 3 images while adding images in slider as featured post ? why give me solution as soon as possible

    1. Hi maddy,

      You can setup only 5 featured image in slider. You can setup them using one one following options:

      1. Using a single Post Category
      2. Using a single Post Tag
      3. Using Custom Option available in each post.

      For More Information read the theme documentation guide carefully.

  8. Hello Admin,

    Great work on this theme! This the first time am coming across your theme which is elegant. I recently installed this theme but anytime I click on a post, it says Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in C:\wamp\www\namemag\wp-content\themes\mag\single.php on line 81

    what do I do please. It’s urgent.


  9. Hello,

    Thanks for giving us your theme for free. Its a great theme.

    I recently installed it but keep have issues. When i click on any post topics, it display this error message:

    ( ! ) Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ENDWHILE in C:\wamp\www\worldentouragemag\wp-content\themes\worldentourage\single.php on line 81
    Call Stack
    # Time Memory Function Location
    1 0.0011 670616 {main}( ) ..\index.php:0
    2 0.0017 675408 require( ‘C:\wamp\www\worldentouragemag\wp-blog-header.php’ ) ..\index.php:17
    3 1.4740 25835256 require_once( ‘C:\wamp\www\worldentouragemag\wp-includes\template-loader.php’ ) ..\wp-blog-header.php:16

    If i click the “set featured image” and try to upload, it stops half way and says error. I am using wordpress 3.5.1 and latest versions of php and mysql.

    Any help please?


    1. Hi Jeff.

      Please open your single.php file and find the following code at line #7

      ——— Replace It With: ———

      and after this thing find for

      ——— Replace It With: ———

      I’m sure it will helps you.

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