FashionWear – A Free Premium WordPress Theme with Multiple Color Schemes

FashionWear free WordPress theme is designed by and made free by Fashion Wear blog!

Theme Features

Various Features are added into FashionWear WP Theme Pack! You will find the following features in this free wp theme.

Color Schemes

FashionWear is available in 12 different Color Schemes. You will be able to choose any Color Scheme for your default blog layout. You can also change the Color Scheme for Individual Categories/Sections

Editor’s Choice

FashionWear has a built in feature to set any post as an Editor Pick. You can see the 6 Editor’s Choice Posts on the Top Right Area of front page content area and 5 posts on the right sidebar of the other pages.

Hot Galleries

FashionWear also has a built-in gallery option where you can show up to 8 latest posts/entries.


FashionWear also has a built in slider where you can set up to 5 posts as Featured. You can drive post in the slider using 3 different ways.

  1. Using a single Post Category
  2. Using a single Post Tag
  3. Using Custom Option available in each post.

Login and Search Panel

For Login and Registration, there is no special template required. We have introduced a custom login area for the WordPress Users. You can see this custom login box on the bottom of Top Navigation (next to breadcrumb).  When you click on Login or Search link a Dropdown Menu will be open. Here you can log in using your existing login information.

Video Option

FashionWear comes up with built in option to add a video just like a post and have a custom page for video. You will see more than 5 Video Posts in the Sidebar area (Sitewide) and more than 9 posts in the video page template.

Galleries Option

FashionWear is having a built in option to add galleries just like a post and have a custom page for gallery. You can also add these galleries in any other post (s). This theme also has a custom page template for gallery option.


FashionWear WP Theme – Other Features:

Here is a list of other features which are included in FashionWear Theme Package.

  • Custom Post Information Pallet
  • Custom Post type for Videos
  • Custom Post type for Galleries
  • Custom Button to put galleries into a post
  • Subscribe Panel (Powered by Feedburner)

In order to avail all of the listed features, you need to view/read the Theme Manual File

128 thoughts on “FashionWear – A Free Premium WordPress Theme with Multiple Color Schemes”

  1. I want to make my first post but when I preview the post it says no thumbnail available above the post. I do not want to display a thumbnail above the post, I just want the post itself. How do I remove it?

    1. Hi Chanele:

      Edit single.php and remove the following 3 lines

      <div id=”post_social”>
      <div id=”postimage”>…</div>

  2. Hi another few questions.

    1. I’ve done a test post so you can see. I embedded YouTube video but in the description on the home page it shows the youtube link before the wording of the post. I don’t want my visitors to see that.

    2. On, it shows a navigation line underneath the actual menu bar – how can I get this too?

    3. I’d like to change the colour of my menu bar to white and the font black, how can this be done?


    1. Hi

      1. Don’t post youtube video link in the standard post. Please only choose videos post to add a video. For more information please read theme documentation.

      2. Install Breadcrumb NavXT for the navigation line

      3. Just edit the style.css file to change it or change the background images for top navigation.


      1. Great stuff the video thing worked like a charm.

        When I upload an image and set it as a featured image it appears as a question mark on the main site. Do you know why this may be, does it have to be a certain format on the site or something like this?

        1. Hi chanele,

          I’ve see your website and found you are using the thumbshot from an external site. I suggest you to upload the thumbshot on your own server and try it again.

          1. Hi I uploaded pics/videos to my own server and it was working fine for a few days. Now all my thumbnails are not showing up anymore. Also the music plugin that I installed on the sidebar is not working either. What’s happening, is this a common thing for this theme because I don’t want to start promoting my site until I know everything will be running just fine. Please help

          2. Sorry I know i’m asking a lot of questions and I apologise about this. The tabling and site name at the top appears twice. How do I edit this? For example, if you click on ‘MusicSpree Archives’ it says this on the tag line followed by my site name twice. I just want it to say -‘MusicSpree | ‘Sitename’ – and that’s it. I just thought i was the theme until I checked out fwear. Hope I made sense

    1. Hi Krazko,

      Our free themes comes with an encrypted footer. You have to buy this theme to edit the footer area.

  3. Well its a very attractive and well designed theme. but let me try to convey this thing to admin. that thumbnail genration is a real pain. as many of the above comments contain and non of your given solution worked.
    footer widgets should be independent for the user to test and decide. you keep the encoded stuff for footer signatures. rest its a nice theme but for me its useless till point due to above mentioned 2 problems.

    1. Hi Frank,

      1) No one at the above is asking regarding the thumbnail generation. Thumbnail attaching is a built-in part of wordpress and we collect the featured thumbnail (as WP provides Featured Image option as default) and re-size them according to the size required by out theme using Thumbnail API.

      2) Due to limitations of encrypted footer, we cannot widgetise footer at this stage.

  4. Hi admin..

    Really wonderfull theme. I wanna ask a question; I set cache folder as 777 and I did that Click on “Set featured image” and Choose the image to upload. After image upload Click on “Use as featured image”. But still it seem like broken pic on slider and editor’s choise… can u help me? my page link:

  5. Hi
    I can not setting the e-Commerce Store, I instal the plugin but I can not setting them why?
    Help me pls?

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