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  1. Slider is not working. the featured stories are not appearing. i’m getting the full posts on the homepage and not excerpts. I’m not sure of the ideal size for a customized logo. I don’t have a configuration button to work in that area.

      • Have you use is_slider as a meta key and 1 as value to enable the slider?
      • Have you use is_featured as a meta key and 1 as value to enable the slider?
      • Have you add a Break Tag to show limited text?
  2. Hi, I am trying to make wordpress site by your template. First of all I just love your theme.
    I am facing some problems.. I have some questions and problems with your template. Please help me.
    1. I want to remove Most popular stories from side bar, its not widget but still cant remove it.
    Is it possible to show side pictures in thumbnails in it? I dont know how to do it, so I would like to remove it.

    2 How to add adsense code in middle of the page, just above stories on home page.

    3. I would also like to remove categories from your template file., please tell me how.

    4. How to add slider or content sldier on home page? Nothing is working from my end .

    Please help me .

    1. Hi Ashish,

      1. Edit sidebar.php file and remove the widget code for Most Popular Stories.

      2. You can place the adsense code by editing the index.php and paste the code after or before “col-left” div.

      3. What do you mean by removing categories? Categories is not a part of the template files. You can use widgets.

      4. Have you use is_slider as a meta key and 1 as value to enable the slider?

      1. Hi,
        Thank you for reply.
        Can you please explain point number 4? Where to use this is_slider as meta key?
        In my case neither featured post is visible neither content slider..
        How to minimize number of post visible on home page? At the moment I have like 9, I want to make them 6.
        Thank you for help 🙂

        1. Hi,

          While Editing or Adding a post, you will see a Meta Box named “Custom Fields”. Enter “is_slider” in the key and “1” in the value with double quotes (“). Press the save button to add it.
          Go to Settings -> Reading. Enter 6 in the Post to show field and save the settings.

          1. Hi,
            Thank you for reply.
            I was checking edit post thing, but there is no custom fields or meta box in it..
            Please tell me how to do this thing 🙁

          2. The “Custom Fields” Metabox always shows after the post edit. If there is no “Custom Fields” Metabox, then click on the Screen Options (Displaying on the top right side of edit/new posts) and check the “Custom Fields”.

  3. When people go to my site they are seeing blank pages, especially on Mobile devices and especially when they don’t use Chrome. I do not understand what the problem is. They only altercation I did to the site was remove the footer info. I am using the elegant spike theme on wordpress. can you help me?

    1. We’ve checked the site you’ve mentioned in the comments in all Major Browsers. We didn;t find any Blank Webpage, when trying to access the site. especially, for the mobile device.

      You cannot remove the footer links in free version. If you want to remove that links, please purchase a paid version.

  4. Hello.

    I am also having the same issues as everyone above. I have changed permissions to 777. I have changed custom fields and value to slider/featured and 1. This only works with value of one. If I had multiple posts this will not work. I have also enabled all options.

    In addition to this… My logo is not appearing correctly. I decreased the size and it’s still not working. What can be done to fix these problems?

    Also the pdf file suggests that there is an eCommerce part of this site, but I have yet to find it. Does this theme already come with these capabilities without me having to add a plug in?


  5. Hi

    I really love your theme, and I’m determined to get it up and running as beautiful as the demo. However, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to add images into the slider. I have added the custom field at the end of my post:

    The image is just added to the post, however, i really need it to show in the slider. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you

  6. Hi was able to figure out how to get images on the slider. I have a few more concerns and I’m afraid it may be a code issue. The sub menu on this template doesn’t seem to work properly. Not only this the sub menu push the images on the slider to the right but it doesn’t hide the drop down menu so that it only appears when the user hovers over the top-level menu item.

    Can anyone help with this?


    1. Hi,

      We’ve tested this theme on the Latest Version of WordPress (3.8) but didn’t get such issue you are showing us in the site. After that we’ve reviewed your site and found that you’ve customized the CSS and Header of the theme, therefore your are getting this issue. We suggest you to keep the current file backup and upload the files again you’ve previously downloaded.

  7. Hi
    Thank you so much for this awesome theme. I just wanna know one thing.
    Does this theme have any demo data (For Testing)?

    Waiting for your Reply

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for appreciating the theme. The theme doesn’t have the demo data (xml) file for the testing purpose. You can view the theme demo by clicking the Demo button.

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