ShopCart – Beauty Store

Beauty Store is two columns free e-commerce WordPress Theme with simple and clean look. Shopping cart is suitable for selling your products, services, etc.

Perfect for:

* Bands & Record Labels
* Clothing Companies
* Beauty Store
* Books, DVDs & MP3 files

This shop cart also includes a Blog Theme

Note: Beauty Store is designed and made free by – Footer links to the designer and sponsor of theme are mandatory while using this Theme.

21 thoughts on “ShopCart – Beauty Store”

  1. hi, could u give me a clue of how to make the slide and thumbnail works? I have read the ‘read me’ file but still can’t find any. thanks b4

  2. hi admin, could you tell me how to set up this themes with wp e-commerce. i never success to make the appearance like demo live. help me please

  3. I install this theme to my wordpress blog but there are many problems.
    please can you tell how will i add

    1.Slide show images
    2. How to add Product Collection just like demo
    3.How to get product store as a demo
    how to add product to Featured product and latest product


  4. The site has been move from another url.
    I have gotten all to function again, except I can not add to cart.
    From the front page it just widens the page(to the right) but adds nothing. From the individual item I see an “updating cart” with spinning image, but nothing ever adds to cart. I have requested the API from the client…does this have to be reset or is there something else I am missing? It was working fine at the previous url and I can find no absolute paths I have not changed…what is wrong?

    1. OK, I got it all working except the checkout.

      I believe the parent page for the checkout was altered. What should the parent be? Does it matter?

      The widget, the link in the cart and the link at the top of the page do not match. The widget and cart say products/checkout, which is the page I’m already on…? The one in the header says contact/checkout and it goes to the checkout page but does not print, it shows the token:[eshop_show_checkout].

      So, it is not working and the other 2 buttons are looking for a diffferent checkout? what should the parent of the checkout be? is that the issue? why does the token print?

  5. oops, the link from in the cart shows the folder it is installed in:

    Where is this all mapped…could some of it have been hard coded?
    This seems to have to do with the change to the parent page listed above and the mapping of the “checkout links”…I’m so close!

  6. is in the widget. is hardcoded in the wpsc-shopping_cart_page (I know this is wrong).

    The header has which shows the proper page in the links.

    The link from the page in the header is the proper page but is just prints out the token, not the checkout page.

    I’m stuck. What should is the proper checkout call be…’shopping_cart_url’ is the “view cart link”, not “checkout”…?

    Either way, the page (currently contact/checkout) does not print the checkout.
    I also tried it without a parent…just /checkout. I could hard code the links if I had to but it still just prints the token: [eshop_show_checkout]
    I have no checkout.

  7. I have tried a new install at another site and this does not work at all there…wp-ecommerce will not install. I see none of the wpsc- files in the theme folder. After theme install…following you instructions to a ‘t’…and verifying server is proper, I can activate the theme but there is no “store” link to go to…just missing!


    1. Have you read these steps:

      Upload all files to your themes directory except “WP ecommerce” directory. After this upload all the files from WP ecommerce directory to /wp-content/uploads/wpsc/themes.
      After this Go to Store->Setting. Select Presentation tab and Choose the Default Theme from “Theme” dropdown. Save the setting.

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