CrazyView – An Exclusive Free WP Theme

CrazyView – Free WP Theme  is 2 column widgetized free WordPress theme with attractive and multiple color schemes.

Note: Crazyview – Free WP Theme is Designed By: – Footer links to the designer is  mandatory while using this Theme.

11 thoughts on “CrazyView – An Exclusive Free WP Theme”

  1. Gone Crazy with Love for this theme.

    *by the way, you need to work ‘harder’ in encrypting the footer. The footer codes should be solid, if you aim to gain backlinks benefits from the footer link(s). It took me <1minute to decrypt it ( sorry about that ).

    It is possible to have better encryption, as I do come across some themes that I just couldn't manage to crack the encrypting ( forgotten what themes were that ).

    Just 2cents.

    1. Hi,

      Go to Configure Theme and then select the three categories from Quick tab settings. Click on Save Changes Button to Save the settings.

      Then go to your post and upload any image via Image Upload. After that Copy the uploaded URI and go to Custom Keys meta mox, select the meta key=image and paste the url into meta value textarea.

  2. hi, this is such a good theme, can you please help me i have download and install it but when i try to click on configure the theme it’s telling me that i do not have the right, but i put it on 777…do you have a solution for me (bad english im french) thanks

    1. You have to set chmod 0777 to cache directory located in this theme root folder. Please let us know if you need any thing else.

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