DirJournal is pleased to announce that they are offering the most loved design of their old phpLD template for free to the webmasters, website owners, and directory owners. Already million of websites are using the phpLD script that has evolved into a full fledged CMS in the latest version. This template has been coded for the latest version and it incudes a guide for installation. Although it isn't mandatory but we would request you to kindly link to DirJournal.com

DirJournal.com is a high quality directory and one of the best online source for directing the public to a website they are looking for. With millions of websites on the web, DirJournal narrows down the choices considerably and offers its visitors the best websites in a unique categrozied structure. There would be no wastage of time and users will immediately get to the websites they are looking for.

 Note: This Free phpLD Template is available for phpLD 4.2.2 version!