The Ways a Social Analyst Uses Social Media Data

The Ways a Social Analyst Uses Social Media Data
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  • December 16, 2016
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As you work towards earning your online master of science in analytics it’s only natural you start to think about your future career and what it will entail. If you plan on using that online MSA degree for a career as a social analyst, then you’ve got plenty to look forward to. Part of what makes a social analyst so effective is using social media data in the right way. What is the “right way” you ask? Well let’s take a closer look.

Discover People’s Habits

One of the most important ways that social media data is used is to determine the habits of people when it comes to posting. Social analysts can look at the data and start to determine a pattern of when people post, what they post, and then why they post it. It’s meant to be an in-depth question of not just pointing out patterns, but asking why they are happening. What is prompting people to react on social media in the way they do?

Of course you need to be looking across all the various social media networks, which is a rather large undertaking.

Use that Information to Better the Brand

As an analyst, it will then be your job to look at all that raw data and somehow make sense of it. Determine how it can help your brand or your client to excel. You have to be exact in your findings, so your calculations must be meticulous. The smallest mistake can impact the results in a big way. As well, you may want to consider gathering even more data, just to be sure the results you have are truly accurate.

Get Comfortable with SEO

In order to get your data, you’re going to need to be very comfortable with SEO practices. This is a large part of what you’ll be tracking and analyzing.

Question Your Results

Before you are ready to present your findings you want to take the extra step and question your results. Are you sure you’ve collected sufficient data? Could the results have been any different? Did you miss anything? Then take things further and ask why the results are what they are. You need to understand all angles.

Create Your Report

Now that you have taken all of the necessary steps in collecting the data, organizing it, and then analyzing it, it’s time to create a report of your findings. Again, this is a step you need to be incredibly precise with. The results must be clear and easy to understand, with supportive evidence given. You could be presenting this data to your boss or a client so it needs to be professional and complete.

Social Media Data – What an Analyst Relies On

The role of a social analyst is one that requires constant collection, organization, and questioning of data. Because social media networks are always updating and changing, the job of the analyst is always on-going, as it requires continual questioning so you can take your data to the next level.

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