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FashionWear – A Free Premium WordPress Theme with Multiple Color Schemes

It's an important update for the users using or intend to use FashionWear – A Free Premium WordPress Theme with Multiple Color Schemes - Please download fresh copy (improved and error free) of this WP Theme.

Theme contain features, listed as:

  • XHTML 1.0 Transitional
  • Adsense Ready
  • FeedBurner subscribe via email support
  • Featured Category Selection
  • Widgets
  • Nested Comments Support
  • Various Color Schemes
  • Gravatar
  • Custom Login / Search Panel
  • Video / Gallery Panels
  • and more

Simply, little images, designed and created by Templates Craze. It is a simply WordPress theme without any plugins needed (support plugin WP-PageNavi, WP Page Numbers, WP-PostViews, wp-utf8-excerpt, Related Posts of Simple Tags, WP-RecentComments), widgets, threaded-comments, Valid CSS3 & HTML.

  • 9,668 Previews
  • $29.95 (for Non-Encrypted Footer)

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FashionWear – A Free Premium WordPress Theme with Multiple Color Schemes

FashionWear free WordPress theme is designed by and made free by Fashion Wear blog!

Theme Features

Various Features are added into FashionWear WP Theme Pack! You will find the following features in this free wp theme.

Color Schemes

FashionWear is available in 12 different Color Schemes. You will be able to choose any Color Scheme for your default blog layout. You can also change the Color Scheme for Individual Categories/Sections

Editor’s Choice

FashionWear has a built in feature to set any post as an Editor Pick. You can see the 6 Editor’s Choice Posts on the Top Right Area of front page content area and 5 posts on the right sidebar of the other pages.

Hot Galleries

FashionWear also has a built-in gallery option where you can show up to 8 latest posts/entries.


FashionWear also has a built in slider where you can set up to 5 posts as Featured. You can drive post in the slider using 3 different ways.

  1. Using a single Post Category
  2. Using a single Post Tag
  3. Using Custom Option available in each post.

Login and Search Panel

For Login and Registration, there is no special template required. We have introduced a custom login area for the WordPress Users. You can see this custom login box on the bottom of Top Navigation (next to breadcrumb).  When you click on Login or Search link a Dropdown Menu will be open. Here you can log in using your existing login information.

Video Option

FashionWear comes up with built in option to add a video just like a post and have a custom page for video. You will see more than 5 Video Posts in the Sidebar area (Sitewide) and more than 9 posts in the video page template.

Galleries Option

FashionWear is having a built in option to add galleries just like a post and have a custom page for gallery. You can also add these galleries in any other post (s). This theme also has a custom page template for gallery option.


FashionWear WP Theme – Other Features:

Here is a list of other features which are included in FashionWear Theme Package.

  • Custom Post Information Pallet
  • Custom Post type for Videos
  • Custom Post type for Galleries
  • Custom Button to put galleries into a post
  • Subscribe Panel (Powered by Feedburner)

In order to avail all of the listed features, you need to view/read the Theme Manual File

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Discussion 128 Comments

  1. marius says:

    visual editor is not working. who can help me?
    i have installed this theme and now i can’t edit the text

  2. marius says:

    i am using wp 3 1 3. I have tried this on multiple wp version and i have the same problem.

    can u please help me?

  3. marius says:

    One more issue.
    Latest Videos. It; doesn’t appear nothing although i have 8 youtube videos.

    Oh i must say this theme is awesome. Nice job. I was surprised to see it’s free.

    Though, please help me to fix this problems. I will put a link to your website on my blog…

    Thanks in advance for your help

  4. Geographu says:

    Download address don’t available 1.1 version…Pls thanks..

    • admin says:


      We have double check the theme files. The files contains v1.1 and working fine for us. Maybe its your browser cache problem. Please refresh your browser cache and download FashionWear again.

  5. marius says:

    the theme is good….good job…i love how it fits my blog….

  6. Gianpy says:

    Dear Templates Craze,
    I installed the theme “FashionPlus” But I have problems. Do not operate the gallery (url:, the slider does not work in IE8 and I can not put adsense codes for specifics box (but only ca-pub code general). The site is Thank you. P.S: sorry for my bad english!

    • admin says:


      Please have a look . Slider is working fine in IE8 and adsense block showing properly. Please upgrade your wordpress to 3.2.

      • Gianpy says:

        I setup “google adsense manual”, I put google adsense code in the block size but does not show anything (the format is: google_ad_slot = “xxxx”;
        google_ad_width = 300;
        google_ad_height = 250;

        ). In addition, the gallery will not work, despite having followed all the instructions. I have wordpress 3.2.1.

  7. Gianpy says:

    WP Version: 3.2.1
    Template: FashionWear 1.1
    Gallery and Google Adsense MANUAL don’t work. Can you help me? Thx

    • admin says:


      Thanks for contacting us. Can you please let us know at which location you are adding Google Adsense?

      You will see a Gallery button in the WordPress Editor. Just click on this Gallery button and select the gallery from dropdown you want to insert into the post which you have Created from Galleries Area.

      • Gianpy says:


        Gallery works by disabling some plugins, but I have some problems:
        1) puts all the photos except the last (n-1 pics); 2) I cant’t connect gallery in the post. In addition, I continue to have problems with
        inserting adsense codes in the blocks. None adsense block is
        accepted. The function works only mode “adsense manual”. I also
        noticed that Google Analytics code is not accepted.

        Thank you.

  8. Teodoro says:

    I chose this theme for the new graphical version of my blog.
    I have a simple question to ask: how can I insert a logo image that is width of 450 px ??

    I’m sure I edit the CSS file but I do not find indication of the width of the logo

    Thanks for your help and congratulations for the great theme


    • admin says:

      Hi Teodoro,

      Yes, you can change it by editing the css file. Edit style.css file and change the background + padding attribute on line # 44. I am sure, these changes will fulfill your requirements.

      • onkar says:

        hi i m facing the same problem. i didnt get the width option.. additional. when i upload any logo in any format it says wrong media file uploaded. please help me in the matter. anyways. theme is awesome. i love it . thanks for providing the awesome …….
        Onkar Singh.

  9. Mariangel says:

    Hi People!!
    I tried to install this template so this message was display:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_OBJECT_OPERATOR in /hsphere/local/home/acipoyo/ : eval()’d code on line 35

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: get_theme_slider_query() in /hsphere/local/home/acipoyo/ on line 109

    Could you help me??

    WordPress version 3.1.4 waiting for actualization

    • admin says:

      Hi Mariangel,

      Can you please upgrade your wordpress? Make sure you hosting support for PHP 5+ and mySQL 5.

  10. Nikola says:

    Hi all,

    This one is totally the template I was going after for a whole year…just got one “small” problem – how to fix the “no thumbnail” thing??

    Thanks a million!

    • admin says:

      What do you mean by “how to fix the “no thumbnail” thing??”

      • Nikola says:

        well whenever I’m trying to post, it shows grey square with the “F” logo saying “Ooops no thumbnail”.

        • admin says:

          Click on “Set featured image” and Choose the image to upload. After image upload Click on “Use as featured image”.

          You can see the demonstration of documentation page no 16.

  11. Gianpy says:

    Hi! I would use the Plugin “NextGEN-Gallery” as a source for the “gallery-post”, instead of the “WordPress-gallery”. Is there a way to do it? Thanks

  12. Rakesh says:


    I’m new with wordpress blogging plateform.
    This template is awesome.
    I’ve some doubt…

    1. How to post thumbnail in blog post. When I upload any image in any post it goes in between post and in the starting of post it comes “Oops! No Thumbnail”. How to post thumbnail in that box.

    2. How to remove “Login” button.

    3. What’s in Gallery and its use?

    Please help me out in simple language. Thanks in advance.

    • admin says:

      1. Click on Set Featured Image link (below the categories box) in Edit/Add Post page and choose the thumbnail from the opening box by Pressing Set as Featured Link

      2. Edit header.php and remove the code from line #61 to #83. ‘<li class=”loginb”> …. </li>’

      3. Gallery is an additional post type which allows you to show post as a gallery view. Please read the documentation for How to add Gallery.

      • John says:

        I still have problems with uploading thumbnails and logo.
        I have followed your instructions.
        What can be the problem?
        When I am uploading, I can see in that image has been uploaded, but when I check site, it gives a red cross.
        Pse, let me also know what I have to do to upload my logo.

  13. technomixx says:

    What a nice theme.. I was looking for theme. Beautiful theme in all aspects. Great

  14. octavius1978 says:

    hello I need your help, the LAST Video do not work … could help with directions to activate

  15. It’s a great theme and I used it in my website. It works ın most of the parts.

    One of the problem is I can’t add a gallery to my post. When I chose the gallery and add it from my post it turns to no gallery again and again.

    The other one and most important for me :

    I want to change the size of the thumbnails and crop it while I am posting. All I need is the name(of the custom post type) in the code. Because the code is encrytpted I can’t do it.

    For an example with WP Post Thumbnail I can decide the area that will be used in post and other places.

    post-thumbnail is one in general what are the others?

    • admin says:

      can you please send us a screenshot where you’re unable to post gallery or not showing the gallery.

  16. technomixx says:

    FashionWear is great in Fashion category. But it has file in encoded form . If we need to change something in it .. Unable to change. Anybody have it’s decoded version? Please send

  17. Abhi says:

    How to add image in theme fashion wear featured slider plz help and what are the dimensions of the image to insert …Its urgent

  18. may says:

    Hi i tried to upload fashionwear theme but i had problems changing the logo into my own logo , i have followed the 82x81px and still it game me an error – is there any solution to that ? Thanks and the theme is lovely

  19. abs says:

    I like this theme. Is it possible to creat other categories on the homepage like editor’s choice, latest stories???
    Please help me

    • admin says:

      If you want to show sub categories under the parent menu, go to Appearance -> Menu and Create/Select the belong to categories, select and add the categories you want to show and adjust them using drag and drop feature. We hope this will help you!

  20. skylarkcob says:

    Please help me to config sub menu and font error in Vietnamese language!

    My site:

  21. skylarkcob says:

    I get 404 error when chang permalinks, please help!

  22. Bone says:

    First, thanks for this great template.

    My problem is with creating galleries, uploading pictures in it, but getting error 404 whenever I click the gallery link.

    Second I can’t insert any gallery into any post. Just getting this pop up light box twice even if i click submit, nothing is inserted. Your help will be greatly appreciated

    • admin says:

      To enable the gallery link, Go to pages and Create a new page and select the Gallery/Multimedia Template from the templates menu. You will find Templates Menu under “Page Attributes” Meta Box. After the setting save the relevant page.

      For the lightbox issue Please let us know which framework (theme) version you are using?

  23. Ruth says:

    Hi, I’m trying to set images as featured images but it keeps showing a broken image instead of the image I upload… any advice on this?

    • admin says:

      Pleae check that your “cache” folder placed under our themes folder have chmod 777 attribute to write the cache files for images.

  24. abs says:

    where are you Admin? long time to see you answer any questions. we need your helps

  25. may says:

    Hi Admin, Please help , the theme is fantastic and i am very happy about how it looks but i have been having some problems such as
    1- the adsense ads do not appear when i add them manually , i have the latest wp version 3.2.1 , is there anything to be done to solve this??
    2-the videos ,appear as a list but does not appear as a you tube video in the homepage.
    3-how can i remove the foooter blogroll information ???
    pleaseeeee helppppp, thank you in advance

  26. Francisnei says:

    Hello, I can not insert ad manually. Ad settings, as I insert the image I want to appear as an advertisement? Please help me! I live in Brazil, please answer me by e-mail

  27. Luis says:

    I can´t insert a gallery into a post. I have done like the instructions but when I click on insert nothing happens

  28. Dan Armeanu says:


    I have installed your Fashion+ theme for wordpress but I ran into some problems with it. I found no info regarding those problems and that is why I contact you.

    1. The slider doesn’t work no matter what I do. I have set it up and nothing happens. Why is that? It should have been easier ways to have it but it just won’t work. It would not bring images to the slider whatsoever. What should I do?

    2. Thumbs do not appear on pages.

    3. The install guide is not rich in details on how the set up should be done. You just indicate where the settings are but do not offer enough info on how to deal with problems. I didn’t find any support forum on this theme…

  29. andrzej says:

    Please, help me with the footer widget! 1/ I need to remove the Blogroll block, 2/ I have too many pages, how to remove the Information block or view only chosen pages?
    I will be very grateful for your help

    • admin says:

      1) You cannot change the footer widgets. For this Give us the block name you want to replace and we will sent you this on your email address (You are given in comments page.)

      2) What do you mean by “Information Block”? Can you please explain more?

  30. robyn says:

    Hi…I’m curious…if I update Fashion Plus version 1.1 by uploading in’s Install Themes tab… will it just install updates or will I lose all of my posts and I’ll have to import them again like I did when I moved from to

  31. hassan ali says:

    i cant set my thumbline of posting tell me how can i slove this prob

  32. hassan ali says:

    Click on “Set featured image” and Choose the image to upload. After image upload Click on “Use as featured image”.

    .I did this, but it shows a broken image instead of the featured image for the posts. How can I fix this?

  33. santina says:

    Hello. I installed the theme “Fashion +” (fashion wear) but I have two small problems.

    The first is that in homepage videos compaiono vertical and not horizontal (below to the one in evidence)

    The second problem is however the possibility of including a photo gallery in a post. When I click the button, choose the gallery but not the part of the post.

    You can help for a magazine and it is quite urgent.
    thank you very much

    • admin says:

      1) Edit sidebar.php and You can do it by replacing the Line# 109 code with Line# 86 to 91

      2) Fashion Wear WP Theme have already a built-in gallery feature. To show a gallery into any post you have to add a new gallery from “Gallery” menu! After adding a new Gallery go to the post and hit the gallery button. A dialog box will b;e appear. Select a Gallery from the Dropdown and Click on Insert button. A Gallery code will be added into WordPress editor. Save or Publish the content to see the gallery.

  34. maria says:

    I have several question:
    1. In gallery there is always one image that cannot be displayed if I pressed next/prev
    2. In post whenever I upload picture the size is 638×229 px. This is too small for my website so I want to change it. But although I have changed the stylesheet.css in #postimage size, the only thing that change is the frame but the picture still in the same size. How can I fix this?
    3. I also have the same problem like the earlier comment above, I cannot insert gallery into post. Although I have followed the instruction, nothing happens.
    Looking forward for admin’s answer. Thank you very much.

    • admin says:

      Hi Maria,

      1. FashionPlus has a built-in feature to add the galleries. There is no need to install any 3rd party plugin to use gallery feature. For this just click on the Add new Media button and upload all the images there. Do not use [ Gallery ] shortcode in the editor it will automatically added in the scrolls.

      2. If this is for the gallery then there is no restriction to upload 638×229 px image. It will automatically resize according to available width.

      3. For this Click on Add Gallery Button showing in TinyMCE then select the Gallery and Hit on Insert Button, Save the Post. Its done. For Reference Read Page #16 in Theme Documentation Guide

  35. Laura says:

    Hi, I am also having the same problem with inserting galleries to posts. I Click on Add Gallery Button . Choose the Gallery from the drop down and Hit on Insert Button, I installed a plug in to resize images. I added the following add on Dynamic Image Resizer. Not sure if this affects us. Could you send on the html that the gallery insert would create so that I can manipulate this to ad my own galleries.
    Amazing theme by the way!!

  36. John says:

    Great template, partner very pleased with the theme. Only problem I have is that the video of the day does not appear on the homepage and neither do the thumbnails. i can link to the videos fine, just nothing shows on the homepage. Any help greatly appreciated 🙂

  37. John says:


    Really weird problem, if you select a Google video it will actually show the Google player on the homepage, but will not play the video…. but the really weird thing is that it will show the thumbnails from the other videos. If you select Youtube as a video type, the latest video window remains empty!!

    Hope you can help as this is the last remaining issue!

    Thank you in advance

    • admin says:


      Use YouTube or Other Players instead of Google Video. It will work fine! Make sure you have enter the youtube video id in “Video Settings” Meta box.

  38. John says:


    It does not work fine at all, no video shows on the homepage at all, does not matter which player you select and what ID codes you use, any ideas?

    • admin says:

      You have to select only the video ID from the youtube url. for example: here is a youtube video link “” and you have to select only “M9_9vLN0jrk“.

      You have to fill the “Video Settings” meta box form according to given format: ( )

      Media Provider: YouTube
      Media ID: M9_9vLN0jrk
      Media Featured: Yes

      Hit Update/Publish button after filling the form.

  39. John says:

    Thanks so much, everything is working fine now. It is pretty unclear from the instructions within the template that you only have to put the ID part of the YouTube video URL and not the full URL i.e. spQlIFggwlE and not

    I see quite a few people on this page suffering from the same misinformation so I hope this now helps them also!

    Thanks for the clarification 🙂

  40. Francia says:

    Please help me! I was almost done editing my magazine when I installed the plugin onswipe which is suppose to make a good layout for tablets. When I wen to the homepage the slider wasn’t working anymore. I don’t know if that plugin was the cause or what. The slider was working very well. I uninstalled the plugin but the slider still no working. Please help me, I was just to launch my mag.
    Thank you

  41. Dan says:

    First of all I would like to thank you for this awesome theme! And also I have a question regarding multimedia pages, I have everything set up correctly and it works but I noticed after adding~40 galleries that the next page link in those pages does not work, I get a 404. Is there any fix for that?
    Thank you!

  42. Laura says:

    Sorry ignore my previous post, my setting on firefox where is the issue with the pages appearing one after another

  43. tracey says:

    Thank you for making this theme available. I am having a few initial problems.
    1. Login on front page produces a blank form.

    2. what size should the photo be for the top blog post photo? I think it’s the featured photo.
    3. How do i choose hot picks?

    4. An ad shows in my latest posts, so my column looks uneven. How can a I change that? My adsense was for a banner ad not to appear in the lasets post section.

    • admin says:

      Hi tracey,

      1. Login on front page produces a blank form.
      Edit header.php file and find the <input type=”hidden” name=”redirect_to” value=”/”> and replace it with
      <input type=”hidden” name=”redirect_to” value=”<?php echo home_url(‘/’)>>”>

      2. You can use any size photo for top blog post photo!

      3. use is_hot_topic as custom key and 1 as value!

      4. Edit loop-magazine.php and find the google adsense function about line no 21. Change the index number 2 to 3 or 4 or increase the post limit from Settings -> Reading

  44. Please have a look . Slider is working fine in IE8 and adsense block showing properly. Please upgrade your wordpress to 3.2.

  45. Rodrigo says:

    Hi, very nice theme, but the Slider is not working on Internet Explorer…

    Same on tryed to open in Ie and dont work too…

    Wait a reply! Ty

  46. Steve says:

    I love this template and its features. I’m hung up on the gallery though. On the demo site, the galleries show no thumbnails below the main picture being viewed, but on mine it shows the thumbs for the entire photo collection for that gallery. Any text I enter shows up below that heap of thumbnails. How do I get rid of these?

  47. herysudrajat says:

    great theme, i am using it soon. Just 1 question, what to do to make my post as in editor choice catagory? thanks and great jobs!!!

  48. admin says:

    We have released a new FashionWear Theme for WP e-Commerce. You can download it from the following link.

  49. Laura says:

    When you use manual advertisement settings what code do you put in the ad boxes. I cannot get my ad code from google adsense to work here


  50. Sam says:

    All the thumbnails that I set for ‘hot pics’ and featured images for the slider seems to be broken. How do I fix this? THANK YOU!!

  51. Obaiid says:

    Insert Gallery Drop down not updating from database when a new gallery is published …
    and it updates after i logout and log in again :/

    WordPress version 3.4.2

  52. Carlos Alberto says:

    Hello! its theme is wonderful and very professional … Help me please! adsense block is not working … I put the codes but does not work properly, I’m using wordpress 3.5 … I’m from Brazil / Rio de Janeiro. Thank you!

    • admin says:

      Hi Alberto,

      Go to WordPress Admin, and open Fashion+ Settings.

      Under Advertisement Settings Box, Set settings as follow:

      Enable: Yes
      Placement: Auto
      Publisher ID: Your Publisher Code pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  53. Carlos Alberto says:

    Help me please … field to the adsense code is not working … I’m doing everything right but this error with this portal. Thank you!

  54. Hello! I requested a budget to customize a theme walks and had no response from you … I wrote and completed all fields: name, email and phone … I want to know about the price. I await contact. Thank you! Carlos Alberto

  55. Carlos Alberto says:

    Hello! i await contact. Thank you! Carlos Alberto

  56. maddy says:

    i just installed and configuring one by one, i am new for wp.
    wont taking more than 3 images while adding images in slider as featured post ? why give me solution as soon as possible

    • admin says:

      Hi maddy,

      You can setup only 5 featured image in slider. You can setup them using one one following options:

      1. Using a single Post Category
      2. Using a single Post Tag
      3. Using Custom Option available in each post.

      For More Information read the theme documentation guide carefully.

  57. Jeff says:

    Hello Admin,

    Great work on this theme! This the first time am coming across your theme which is elegant. I recently installed this theme but anytime I click on a post, it says Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in C:\wamp\www\namemag\wp-content\themes\mag\single.php on line 81

    what do I do please. It’s urgent.


  58. Jeff says:


    Thanks for giving us your theme for free. Its a great theme.

    I recently installed it but keep have issues. When i click on any post topics, it display this error message:

    ( ! ) Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ENDWHILE in C:\wamp\www\worldentouragemag\wp-content\themes\worldentourage\single.php on line 81
    Call Stack
    # Time Memory Function Location
    1 0.0011 670616 {main}( ) ..\index.php:0
    2 0.0017 675408 require( ‘C:\wamp\www\worldentouragemag\wp-blog-header.php’ ) ..\index.php:17
    3 1.4740 25835256 require_once( ‘C:\wamp\www\worldentouragemag\wp-includes\template-loader.php’ ) ..\wp-blog-header.php:16

    If i click the “set featured image” and try to upload, it stops half way and says error. I am using wordpress 3.5.1 and latest versions of php and mysql.

    Any help please?


    • admin says:

      Hi Jeff.

      Please open your single.php file and find the following code at line #7

      < ?php if ( have_posts() ) while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); ?>

      ——— Replace It With: ———
      < ?php if ( have_posts() ): while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); ?>

      and after this thing find for
      < ?php endwhile; // end of the loop. ?>

      ——— Replace It With: ———
      < ?php endwhile; endif;// end of the loop. ?>

      I’m sure it will helps you.

  59. chanele says:

    I want to make my first post but when I preview the post it says no thumbnail available above the post. I do not want to display a thumbnail above the post, I just want the post itself. How do I remove it?

    • admin says:

      Hi Chanele:

      Edit single.php and remove the following 3 lines

      <div id=”post_social”>
      <div id=”postimage”>…</div>

  60. chanele says:

    Hi another few questions.

    1. I’ve done a test post so you can see. I embedded YouTube video but in the description on the home page it shows the youtube link before the wording of the post. I don’t want my visitors to see that.

    2. On, it shows a navigation line underneath the actual menu bar – how can I get this too?

    3. I’d like to change the colour of my menu bar to white and the font black, how can this be done?


    • admin says:


      1. Don’t post youtube video link in the standard post. Please only choose videos post to add a video. For more information please read theme documentation.

      2. Install Breadcrumb NavXT for the navigation line

      3. Just edit the style.css file to change it or change the background images for top navigation.


      • chanele says:

        Great stuff the video thing worked like a charm.

        When I upload an image and set it as a featured image it appears as a question mark on the main site. Do you know why this may be, does it have to be a certain format on the site or something like this?

        • admin says:

          Hi chanele,

          I’ve see your website and found you are using the thumbshot from an external site. I suggest you to upload the thumbshot on your own server and try it again.

          • chanele says:

            Hi I uploaded pics/videos to my own server and it was working fine for a few days. Now all my thumbnails are not showing up anymore. Also the music plugin that I installed on the sidebar is not working either. What’s happening, is this a common thing for this theme because I don’t want to start promoting my site until I know everything will be running just fine. Please help

          • chanele says:

            Sorry I know i’m asking a lot of questions and I apologise about this. The tabling and site name at the top appears twice. How do I edit this? For example, if you click on ‘MusicSpree Archives’ it says this on the tag line followed by my site name twice. I just want it to say -‘MusicSpree | ‘Sitename’ – and that’s it. I just thought i was the theme until I checked out fwear. Hope I made sense

  61. krazko says:

    I want to edit the footer in my blog but i cant.
    How can i do this?
    Pleas send me information about that. Thanks in advanced.

    • admin says:

      Hi Krazko,

      Our free themes comes with an encrypted footer. You have to buy this theme to edit the footer area.

  62. Frank says:

    Well its a very attractive and well designed theme. but let me try to convey this thing to admin. that thumbnail genration is a real pain. as many of the above comments contain and non of your given solution worked.
    footer widgets should be independent for the user to test and decide. you keep the encoded stuff for footer signatures. rest its a nice theme but for me its useless till point due to above mentioned 2 problems.

    • admin says:

      Hi Frank,

      1) No one at the above is asking regarding the thumbnail generation. Thumbnail attaching is a built-in part of wordpress and we collect the featured thumbnail (as WP provides Featured Image option as default) and re-size them according to the size required by out theme using Thumbnail API.

      2) Due to limitations of encrypted footer, we cannot widgetise footer at this stage.

  63. yaganagi says:

    nice theme but i m getting error when adding media in the post.i cant upload any

  64. Ugur says:

    Hi admin..

    Really wonderfull theme. I wanna ask a question; I set cache folder as 777 and I did that Click on “Set featured image” and Choose the image to upload. After image upload Click on “Use as featured image”. But still it seem like broken pic on slider and editor’s choise… can u help me? my page link:

  65. Ugur says:

    Hi admin..

    I wanna buy your thema. But I can not fix my thumbnair problem… can u help me?

  66. luka says:

    I can not setting the e-Commerce Store, I instal the plugin but I can not setting them why?
    Help me pls?


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