The days of only watching video on the television and listening to music only on the radio are over. Even devices as small as mobile phones can play live television. But living room entertainment is far from dead, and with the increase in the amount of Internet content (both free and premium), the need for methods of streaming that content to the television has increased.

Fortunately, there are a variety ways to get Internet content, from movies to the latest songs, playing on your home theater. Some methods are easy as purchasing a box, while others are more complex but offer a wider range of customizable options. This list should help you decide which is best for you.

The Set-top Box

This is the easy, pre-packaged method of getting Internet content on your television. The name comes from cable boxes that used to sit on top of CRT televisions. Despite the name, most of these small devices are now found under or next to flat-screen TVs rather than on top of them.

They usually come with a variety of connection options: coax, component video, hdmi, etc.  The features, such as HD playback and the amount of customization allowed, depend on the software. Some allow you to stream content from your desktop computer to the TV. They may also support direct streaming from content providers like Netflix or Amazon.

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